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awesome project with smart and strong team.i am very happy to be part of your community!!! Cheers..

Cryptassist is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. The project will be a great success in the world of blockchain technologies.

Soon you will be able to participate in revolution

Ico sell is running so Invest now you will get a good return.

I joined the project and will follow with the team and hope that the development will be fast and successful. Good luck in the development of the project

Here comes noteworthy ICO which is definitely deserves to be invested in. Take your time to check this!

Cryptassist will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life. The Cryptassist mission is to supply everyone with unfettered access to the world of crypto-assets through an array of essential tools with everything from trading and news alerts, to an OTC exchange and even a debit card.

The KYC means that the project is serious!

After reading the #Cryptassist whitepaper i became very much aware this project has all the qualities in place to manifest something noteworthy!

It is really great, that you are paying so much attention to the asian markets! Good job!

CryptAssist ICO is still going on. More than 80% of HardCap already reached and we still have chance to buy CTA coin with 20% bonus.

Truly, knowledge is power with cryptassist. We can have efficiency, accuracy, security and transparency with this project

Cryptassist offers something valuable. That's why this project will get success forward.

As the success and growth of blockchain-based cryptocurrency have proven, the future will witness a decentralized, efficient, and comprehensive global ecosystem. Cryptoassist will be a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information.

I also think that we need KYC verification to protect our data.

The team creates a huge project CryptAssist has many elements for meeting the requirements of each different user. The project is doomed to success.

Think of Cryptassist as your trading personal assistant, your own personal team of data scientists and your one-stop solution to altcoin information and alerts.


What is there to think here and so everything is clear, this is the number 1 assistant in the world of crypto-currencies

This year it is the most interesting project. I invest a large amount, since the platform with a great future

I am glad that I began to cooperate with you

We all use and (love?!) using social media and CryptAssist has a nifty feature called - ChatPay. It combines social messaging with an online payment system. Find out more on their white paper

knowledge is the most important of all. without knowledge, we are doomed. thanks to cryptassist for aiming to ease my crypto life.

Cryptassist is Excellent Platform for Analytics, Trading and Communication !.. Good luck to Team in promoting Cryptassist Platform !..

I am very happy to join with this project. good luck guys !!

Of all the decentralized business projects I have seen, the Cryptassist is the one that has the most potential. I am very happy to be part of this project.

The Cryptassist project includes a team of highly qualified specialists, an excellent idea and a competent plan for implementing this idea. I believe in the team and have already joined this project!

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
Great project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

Cryptassist has many features. These features make it stronger.

This project can be one of the most successful, since this direction is now very important.

In my portfolio addition very promising ICO check out the information on the website and learn whitepaper and you will understand the prospects.

The project has a lot of advantages and services!

Truly, learning - drive with Cryptassist. We can have a proficiency, exactness, security and straightforwardness with this venture

Very interesting project in the blockchain. New platform system basis blockchain top 5 promising ico 2018

Cryptassist is such a unique project that soon it will revolutionize the world.

Very good progress and real world values and applications of their platforms.

Great project with great possibilities....
I hope the team will continue good job!




One of the amazing features of this platform is the Multi-Coin Block Explorer. Instead of using different explorers to trade on different coins, they can easily use this for all trades.

amazing project, i hope this project success and who participate get what they want and also dance the investors to join

I support this project because cryptassist will solve problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life

Don't miss the ICO Sales... If you want good returns on your investment... #CryptAssist will help you achieve that goal.

Here comes noteworthy ICO which is definitely deserves to be invested in. Take your time to check this!

Do not miss the opportunity to join this unique and promising project. The experienced team is working diligently on the project. Good luck to the team.

The objective of the Cryptassist project is to deliver everything with free access to the world of crypto assets through several necessary trading tools and news, in OTS exchange and even a debit card.

The group makes immense Cryptassist of the venture, has numerous components for consistence to necessities of each different client. The venture is bound to progress.

information is the most critical of all. without consent we are damned. because of cryptassist to try to debilitate my crypto life.

Cryptassist will include on their platform a feature with a comprehensive database where users can see where they can spend their cryptocurrencies, online and offline.

Cryptassist will consist of on their platform a characteristic with a complete database where customers can see the place they can spend their cryptocurrencies, on-line and offline.

In my expansion of a portfolio extremely point of view ICO check data on the site and concentrate the report, and you will comprehend prospects.

I wish Cryptassist most of success in ICO and their future endeavours.

There arrives momentous ICO which is, certainly has the privilege to be contributed century. Try not to rush to check it

I bolster this task since cryptassist will tackle an issue, doing cryptographic money appropriate for all in regular day to day existence

Cryptassist ensures security, Accessibility, Accurracy, now tell me what could be batter than that

Nice team!

many features in the project

The value of cryptassist will be more than that, thanks for the article

The Cryptassist venture incorporates the group of profoundly qualified experts, the fantastic thought and the skillful arrangement understanding this thought.

Very good!! I already got my CTA tokens because for me the cryptassist project is very promising.

CryptAssist is an awesome ICO project , it bring the crypto world to the next level.

A great project that no one shouldn't miss, #crytassist.

The Crytassist platform is one of the best ways for an investment I think, the ICO is alive don't get regret later come to join.

这是一个非常有趣和有前途的项目! 我喜欢他的目标!

since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009, the technology have proven to be a complex one for newbie or not tech savvy. and now @cryptoassist is creating an ecosystem to accommodate everyone in this new evolution.

Thanks to this project,I can actualize my dreams and reach my heart desire which is my goal. I am happy to be a part of this project.This company looks very worthy and interesting

you have a good team and partners so i think this project will grow up soon.

A good project with great potential that promotes interesting ideas and innovations. Strong and professional team. This project deserves more attention to the public

I agree. Accessibility is a fundamental part. Every user wants to quickly understand everything, no one likes very twisted heaped checks. CryptAssist is multifunctional, but it is very easy to use!

Good team and interesting concept! An amazing project!

#CryptAssist is creating a landmark. All the best!

The Cryptassist coin (CTA) will run on a blistering fast DAG algorithm and also have a deflationary model where CTA used for premium alerts and services are burned, meaning less CTA potentially increasing the value of the remaining CTA.
#CTA #CryptAssist

Kep in touch with @cryptassist and be a part of revolution..

More strength to the brain behind this great project

CryptAssist ICO is still going on. hope that the development will be fast and successful. Good luck in the development of the project.

All the best to the cryptassit

Cryptassit all the way

Good project with prospects and I wish the creators the best of luck in the development of the project!

the next generation project, cryptassist will bring cryptocurrency to everyone

Investors are very supportive of this project, the fees are going well despite the unstable market.

Stubborn team that promotes its project. The guys came up with an excellent project that with its multifunctionality will be very popular on cryptology

Investors of this project will be very pleased.

Great project. Awesome team. Best of luck all spacious coin team, i hope its future very bright.