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Cryptassist will offer as an integral part of its ecosystem, a freelance talent service feature, linking businesses or individuals with each other to engage or work as freelance talent on any crypto related projects online.

Employers will be able to post projects on an easy to use platform and receive quotes from freelancers within minutes of posting, or will be able to browse through freelancer profiles and make offers directly to the freelancer of their choosing.
Both parties will always be able to post for free.

With trusted freelancers to meet a huge variety of crypto related needs, including web design, mobile app development, virtual assistants, graphic design and many more, Cryptassist Freelancer creates the perfect space to get crypto related work done online.

Implementing a milestone payment plan ensures a safe environment for both the employer and the freelancer. Employers only pay the full amount when they are 100% satisfied with the work they receive and will be able to communicate with the freelancers throughout the duration of the project over the live chat feature.

Employers will pay the contract amount plus a low administrative fee. Employers will pay for the service using CTA. The funds will then be sent to the freelancer in fiat or any crypto currency of their choice.

Cryptassist Freelancer will require KYC for both the employer and the freelancer to ensure that the freelancers deliver their products or services and that the employers honor their payments upon completion of the project.

Features of Cryptassist Freelancer:
• Post projects, free of charge
• Post freelancer profiles and portfolios, free of charge
• Employers pay for projects with CTA, freelancers are paid in fiat or any cryptocurrency of their choice
• Milestone payments ensure safety for both the employer and the freelancer
• Choose freelancers from multiple bids and profiles
• Live chat feature means you can communicate directly with your freelancer throughout the project
• 24 hour customer support

To learn more about Cryptassist Freelancer or the Cryptassist platform, please visit our website or download our Whitepaper at

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Payment method is the most safiest and satisfied way but payment after satisfaction of clients may create some problem so there should be some mortgage from the client side. I think this mortgage makes some secured method for paying the freelancer. May be admin panel may reviewd my opinion.
In overall conditions cryptassist is the most powerful platform for freelancer. Have a golden path ahead.
Best regards

Cryptassist is a revolution! Cryptassist is the link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
And Cryptassist cryptocurrency will be available to all!!!
Project developers and best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

Cryptassist is the project which gives very much confidence to success. Overall best project because the idea it has are the best among others!

What a surprise! I did not know this Cryptassit tool, I think it's a great idea. The crypto world is in continuous growth and all kinds of offers arise around it, it is an excellent idea that there is a place that connects professionals and companies.

Will any verification system be implemented? I refer to references professions. This could prevent the misuse of the platform. Although I think that with the milestone payment plan you can guarantee the safe payment.

A program with very attractive features.

I really like the concept that @cryptassist has, it will be very useful, I am very interested in further development of the project. Good job.

The platform has a lot of advantages, it's great!

It will be great if we all support this project. I have taken my time to read more about the project and i think their aims are perfect.

this is a very good feature. it will help to increase the employment rate and the implementation of smart contract will reduce fraud between employers and employees.

Cryptassist platform will benefit and revolutionize the crypto world by simplifying how crypto can be used in everyday life and how blockchain technology will impact to the benefit of individuals, businesses and government now and in the future.

Great idea and great project! The more people learn about what you are doing, the more they will like it. Best of luck!

Cryptassist - is
success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

A wonderful innovative project gives confidence in the success. The team selects the best tools for the work. The project has a huge potential. Good luck guys!

Talents need to be supported. And with a new platform it's even better. I believe in success of Cryptassist Freelancer

This is very interesting for the freelancers. I think a lot of them nowadays, would accept crypto currency as payment method.

promising project with ample capacity for future growth!!

Cryptassist Freelancers create the perfect space, when these freelancers can begin to find ease in finding and defining projects that both parties deem fit, mutually beneficial. incredible .. team spirit.

KYC requirement for both parties is a great decision made by Cryptassist. Because, some of the top freelancing platforms don't have any KYC or such procedure to know about the clients. Many fraudulent activities happen on those platforms.

thanks to sharing this useful post .project is really of luck team cryptassist.

Nice project!

The Cryptassist Freelancer is a the right platform for both customers and freelancers to interact directly without any central control unlike other freelancing systems. Another amazing thing is that freelancers would have the opportunity to be paid in either fiat currency or cryptocurrency

Post projects for free, hire freelancers and pay for projects with CTA.. yet another useful feature of the platform.

Creating a safe mode of payment in converting payment from crypto to Fiat and vice versa is a good idea

This will make barriers and company projects reach out worldwide legitly and seamlessly.

A good idea and a strong team, closely follow this project, and I believe that this startup will achieve their goals. This is a promising company with a great idea

Goor project

Production of a sheltered installment technique in change of installment from crypto to fiat and the other way around is the smart thought


this will increase the demand for the app because many freelance will love to use the app

This is an interesting method for payments to freelancers.

It will be unimaginable if we in general help this undertaking. I have put aside my chance to examine more about the wander and I think their focuses are awesome.

A great tool Cryptassist Freelancer !.. Protect against scam employers and freelancers.

Allowing KYC will help sanitize the platform from faceless identities which will build trust and confidence for the freelancers and the buyers alike.

really great project #cryptassist

A lot of freelance services like fiverr and the likes has a lot of processes and waiting time to go through before payments can be safely accepted. cryptassist changes all that.

Is it going to be part of the mobile app which will be released ? or a separate app ?

Currently withdrawing the crypto to fiat at desired place is a hard process. But cryptassist debit card will do this for us.

I need to test this app, i am a freelance developer , Please where can i get this app?

This is what a good platform does setting a pace for others to follow.

It serves as a medium to connect businesses together for greater effectiveness. The freelancer features allow company and self employed individual connect from all part of the globe.

Very interesting project! A professional team that knows its business! One of the most promising and successful projects to date! I advise everyone to join and to watch the development! #CryptAssist #CTA

Great project, I hope your project will bring big change to the world.

What's more, here no one revoked laws of the market - with the approach of each new trade the different commissions and gathering need to diminish. What's more, it unexpectedly, a debt of gratitude is in order for the new instrument

because of division of this helpful .venture mail of group of good fortunes cryptassist is legitimate.

A project with great prospects!

An extensive number of administrations of not state as five and comparative has numerous procedures and holding up time to go before installments can be securely acknowledged. cryptassist changes this.

Making of a sheltered installment strategy in change of installment from crypto to Fiat and the other way around is the smart thought

Does this there will be a freelancer which they can use to be hire for job?

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

The wonderful bridge Cryptassist is creating in this way makes it easy for 2 parties interested in each other to become aware of the other!

Cryptassist Freelancer will help to increase the employment rate and the implementation of smart contract,and transparent as well

It fills in as the stage to interface the organizations together for greater productivity. Highlights of the consultant settle the organization, and the independently employed individual interface from all piece of the globe.

I wonder if it will be possible to pay for freelancer work through chat? After all, CryptAssist chat supports the function of transferring funds!

There is no excuse not to read the white paper - it's in 12 languages including German, English, Swedish and Japanese - take a look here and be informed!

Great input to the white paper. Can't wait for the success of this project.

This is a great project. am happy i knew about it early

CryptAssist (CTA) is the number one crypto currency in the world, you can do a lot in cryptassist , you can use it as payment , creating business , exchange, you can explore other crypto using CryptAssist platform and you can top 50 different crypto to CryptAssist Card.

I'm strongly motivated and excited about this awesome project, it's meant for both individuals and collective consciousness. You will do better to participate fully in the project. Don't miss out because it's the best project around.

What a nice feature. Enabling freelancers to earn crypto as well as employers to have an alternate method of payment.

A good idea is offered by the developers of the project.

In addition to everything else, the platform allows people to interact directly with each other, this is important.

Amazing , This is what crypto trader want to see, in crytocurrency world #crytassist brings to your door step, such a great development, keep the good work going in crytocurrency world

I represent the best project which will be the leader among many projects, join ISO. And with the best regards to the project team and investors so that everything is realized.

I love the purpose of this project, letting users know what's happening in real life time according to what they want , Cryptassist is the future

very secure payment method.

this is indeed the best Crypto platform so far . with lots of amazing features for users

very impressive project.i really like it.thanks to sharing

Cryptassist will offer as an integral part of its ecosystem, a freelance talent service feature, linking businesses or individuals

A very practical and valuable concept with Cryptassist. I think this will be one of a best project in 2018

I believe this project will make waves in the cryptocurrency world.
Wonderful ICO, strong team, great idea!

Great project for investment

The future is here, do not miss the new opportunities, join us!

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Complex application and ecosystem for crypto currency, which has no analogues

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