Cryptassist Referral Program

4년 전

Cryptassist have introduced a referral program for the duration of the ICO that will allow all registered users to refer CTA through any online means and make a profit out of their referrals’ investment.

Register now and get your referral link – promote Cryptassist online!

The link can be shared anywhere online. Each link will have an exclusive identifier code and when a registration comes from the link, it is automatically placed under the referrer’s name.

CTA rewards for referrer and the referral

When an investment is made, the referrer will receive bonus coins in their account. The bonus will be 4% of the referral investment. The referral will receive a 2% bonus by using the link provided.

Friends, relatives, colleagues, in fact anyone that uses a referral link and an investment is made will benefit.


To learn more about the Cryptassist platform, please visit our website or download our Whitepaper at

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CryptAssist mission is to supply everyone with access to the world of cryptocurrency through an array of essential tools with everything from trading to news alerts.

Oh thank you for the referral program.

Cryptassist is just the BOMB! One of the best to date! It is my great pleasure to participate and follow all the news!

i love everything about this platform #Cryptassist

Good company, thanks to the developers for this project.I want to share with you this project, that you would analyze the project and pay attention.

A referral program is a great way to attract new investments. The project is a very competent team!

4% of the investment is quite generous. This is true. Those who attract investments must be rewarded.

Users are going to be able to transfer CTA and also the high fifty cryptocurrencies onto a paid positive identification which may be used anyplace within the world that Visa or MasterCard is accepted for on-line and offline purchases. #CryptAssist #CTA

Get rewarded when you refer your friends and family to join the #CryptAssist community...

Cryptassist is great! Just by referring we can earn.

Good project

Cryptassist believes that cryptocurrencies should be useful in everyday life. ICO is live.
Join us
#CryptAssist #CTA

Thanks its one of the best way to earn some extra tokens from referrals who want to invest in this great project.

When an investment is made, the referrer will receive bonus coins in their account. The bonus will be 4% of the referral investment. The referral will receive a 2% bonus by using the link provided.

The Cryptassist can to give very much good for crypto world/

The Cryptassist can to give very much good for crypto world/

I like the project and it's great that I can become money by reffering it o my friend!

For every $250 USD worth of CTA purchased we will give a free ticket for a chance to win the Tesla Roadster. A purchase of $1,000 USD for example will give you four tickets. At the end of the ICO an online number generator will determine the lucky winner.

Most awaited program - refferal program.
Thanks team..

Thanks for this program!

Join the ICO now

Great news. #Cryptassist launches a referral program that will speed up the recognition process of the project, as well as give an excellent opportunity to earn more tokens. I think that if you are looking for a promising ico with a good product and earning opportunities, then ico Cryptassist will definitely interest you. Act now!

This is a huge bonus for everybody : i'll invite all my crypto-friends.

I evaluate this is low risk project and worth to invest.

It is easy to provide CryptAssist link. Everyone will have their benefits. Even referrals will get their 2% bonus. Great job!

I check rapidly on the main page, and your project does not bring anything new on the market. Personally, when an ICO need to create a contest for a Tesla, sound fishy for me.

With the referral program, i get rewarded for adding a member to the community. Nice development

good news

Finally im just waiting for this activity to come, no i can refere those friend of mine! thank you CryptAssist.

It is a win-win solution! The investors will have an opportunity to earn some tokens and the Cryptassist will gain more purchasers!

WOW! must be easy to reach out the referral at least cryptassist has more attention and advantage tobe offered

Can't wait to see this project change the globe

The team has a huge community!

Debit card: You can think like a credit card, users will be able to upload and process crypto money for up to 50 adjectives.

The Cryptassist project is quite successful in conducting the ICO, currently collected more than $ 37 million of investment. This wonderful project gives us a unique opportunity to get free coins for participating in the referral program, do not miss it!

At the point when ventures are made, the alluding space will get extra coins in their record. The honor will make 4% of ventures into the course.

Great initiative to introduce referral program to the ICO Sale.

The referral program will give the opportunity to earn more. Thank you for making the community better and more interesting.

Very high quality and reliable project.The team is working efficiently.There is a great prospect in the draft.The project moves up smoothly,I am sure the idea of the project has many interesting and promising.I hope the project will grow more and more

It'll encourage investors to buy more. Good move!

Great referral program - 4% bonus of the referral investment and referral will get a 2% bonus. Great incentive for both parties.

Great news. I like the company grow. Believe in Your success this year. Carefully following Your development, I joined the project and will strongly support him. #CryptAssist #CTA

Cryptassist provide the crypto debit card which you can fill with different crypto currency and can use as visa or any mastercard. It will provide maximum transaction speed as 3500+ in one second.

CTA #CryptAssist

Very promising and great project I hope this project can be successfull in the future join now!

New opportunities are always of interest. Do not miss the chance to join a promising project.

Very profitable referral program for the project. I advise everyone to use it.

An excellent referral program. Everything is thought out and understandable. In general, the project team does everything on the highest level

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I like the project and it's great that I can become money by reffering it o my friend!

This program will attract new investors. Everything is very well thought out.

The referral program from the Cryptassist project is a chance that will allow all registered users to send CTA through online funds and get profit from their referrals.

What a way to motivate investors to invite others to benefit from this all-in-one amazing platform.

It would be great to make as many people aware of this project as possible since it has so much to offer!

Its very good!Nice post!

i have signed up and shared my referral link with my friends and also in social media. i hope to get a huge bonus out of this.

Excellent Referral Program !.. Good luck to Team in promoting Cryptassist Platform !..

All the best. For your project

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
Great project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

Worth to try

These referral incentives are satisfactory. Everyone should follow this.

I advise everyone to consider this project for long-term investments

Not bad idea. Bonuses for referrers and referrals, as well as the expansion of the CryptAssist family.

The cryptassist is the best project. Very Good team,

I liked the project, I will add it to the portfolio for risk diversification.

Cryptassist is geniunely the all in one crypto solution to any crypto-related problems. Thumbs up.

Its good opportunity for everyone.All must avail this chance.

a great opportunity to make money on ICO, with such a project I think it will not be difficult to find referrals, people who understand about the world of crypto currency instantly make a contribution!

Don't miss the chance on participating on the biggest ICO ever. Time is running out so hurry grab this opportunity.

Where now without bonuses! Thank you!

day by day this project getting more is doing well

Cryptassist will carry out a thorough screening process of all aspects of the project to ensure that the structure is comprehensive and can function as proposed.

The referral program is an integral part for the effective development of the project. Thanks to him, people with interest promote and offer the project.

Great initiative to introduce referral program to the ICO Sale.

That's really cool.Excellent project.

Referral program helps grow community and very much behind the project. Get on board while you can!

The great organization, on account of designers for this undertaking. I need to separate with you this venture you would break down the undertaking and would focus.

I am amazed by Cryptassist product and its features. I'm Loving It.

With the referral program I am compensated for expansion of the member to network. Great improvement

Cryptassist have introduced a referral program for the duration of the ICO

New open doors dependably have intrigue. Try not to miss opportunity to join the viewpoint venture.

The introduction of Cryptassist offers a new opportunity for investors, who can enjoy the added bonus for their opportunity by introducing friends, which can be said to be the picture Cryptassist brings. to investors so that they can promote the development of the community

A great initiative to introduce a referral program for the duration of the ICO, in which both the referral and referrer can earn their reward. It's a very smart way to attract new investors. An excellent opportunity to earn more tokens!

Referral program is very useful to attract new investors in a win-win way.

New technologies are new opportunities. great concept and I'm glad that I'm here! think this project fully successful for the benefits to all users. Thoughtful and clear ideas make it really attractive.

this is great you can earn more in CryptAssist in their referral program , just go to their site register invest or copy your referral link and share it to your friends and you will earn CTA token. Example of referal link is this one:

What approach to drive speculators to welcome others to profit by this uniform astonishing stage.

This program will pull in new speculators. Everything is thought extremely well finished.

you can win awards with referral to cryptoasisst

Definitely a good idea in order to reach more people and get them to know the project. Will let my friends know about this referral program.

This is a potential undertaking, I seek after its eventual fate. Good fortunes!

Excellent and great project am glad to be part of this crypto... hope to see you succes in the world of crypto This project is very interesting and this is a great opportunity for investors.

Cryptassist gives to clients Big surprisingly cutting part innovation, it will make persons via lungs to track the change via blockchain

The concept and purpose of this project is very good. This is the foundation that explains the benefits of this project in the future. I hope the development team can do their best at every opportunity to make this project grow. #CryptAssist

another good news from this great platform.

A wonderful project with a wonderful referral program. You can even earn a little on this

good compny good developers nice project

a fine chance to profit for ICO, with such venture, I believe that it won't be hard to discover the headings, individuals who comprehend about the universe of crypto of money instantly makes a commitment

Thank you developers for an interesting company, I wish you good luck and continue in the same spirit. You have are great results

Another great article from the project team, thanks for sharing it!

Sounds great. Cryptassist will be the complete platform. so many wonderful features and App. this is amazing. No one can do that. Go cryptassist!

This is a good idea Cryptassist, I can now refer this platform to my friends and family, Cryptassist will be a big help for them because they are still newbies in crypto

very interesting scheme, so every refferer with earn their own profit with this program

Nice way to ask my friends join this wonderful project whilst I earn. I'm gonna work hard for this.

nice contest, will support with all i have. Certainly you guys are wonderful and hardworking towards bringing this project to reality. I look forward to the future development.

Good article, thanks for sharing

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  ·  4년 전

About CTA should learn as many people as possible because this is one of the most interesting projects this year.

Very good initiative! I am sure that this will attract investors, all the reward to investors or holders is always good. I hope it is a success.

I refer some people please when do i get my reward? thank you

This is great news. I wish the team not to dwell on the result.

Like your smart platform, supporting your project

A lot of hype are waiting the Cryptassist project.