Cryptassist - выиграй машину Тесла родстер.

3년 전

За каждую покупку в 250 USD во время ICO всем покупателям Cryptassist в качестве благодарности будет предоставлен билет и возможность выиграть Tesla родстер.

Чем больше CTA вы покупаете, тем больше билетов и шансов на победу!

Потрясающая, полноприводная Tesla, полностью электрическая, 4-местная супермашина развивает максимальную скорость свыше 400 км / ч и ускоряется 0-100 км / ч всего за 1,9 секунды. Объедините это с дальностью 1000 км, и вы сможете понять, почему автолюбители по всему миру стоят в очереди, чтобы заказать ее.

Tesla предназначена для повышения производительности и аэроэффективности.

В связи с выпуском в 2020 году и стоимостью более 200 000 долларов США, Tesla Roadster, без сомнения, будет стоять рядом в списке с Lamborghini, Ferrari и McLaren, и упоминаться когда речь зайдет о супермашинах.

В конце ICO онлайн генератор номера определит счастливого победителя! И если вам повезет вытянуть счастливый билет, но вы просто не можете ждать до 2020 года, тогда Cryptassist с радостью доставит вам новую Tesla X100D.


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Dream Car - Its mine. Who is my competitor?

Cryptassist will solve problems by making cryptocurrency easy usable for everyone in everyday life.

Cryptassist platform will benefit and revolutionize the crypto world by simplifying how crypto can be used in everyday life and how blockchain technology will impact to the benefit of individuals, businesses and government now and in the future.

Tesla is an excellent bonus for ICO participants. I'm sure there will be more people now.

This project will gonna be huge and profitable in the future take your move now and participate in token sale.

Cryptassist provides users with the latest #technologies and information schemes,

Yay! the project has hit the soft cap mark. Congratulations to you all. I bought my CTA!

Wonderful element - the way that there will be a database and the guide which will demonstrate to you where the digital money can be spent.

I hope i will win for tesla...

Surely it will be a successful project. Don't miss the opportunity and join it today

Да, я бы не отказался от Теслы)) Буду принимать участие, несколько билетов получится взять

Now trading is easier than ever. All CTA used within the Cryptassist ecosystem will always have the same value in USD no matter how high the value of CTA will go. Nice idea!

Do not miss the opportunity to join this unique and promising project. The experienced team is working diligently on the project. Good luck to the team.

i hope to be that lucky person to win this car. this is a very very rare opportunity.

Cryptassist will be able to compete in the coinmarketcap as the altcoin of the year!

I really believe that this project will go global and will be widely used internationally.

Great project! Cryptassist gonna be the best ico.

A great project and I believe the success will soon come to it

Having a good team, means success!

Very reliable project with a lot of money. This is a interesting Start-up. This Start-up is revolutionary

Cryptassist is the future of the cryptoworld

The most dedicated team with most promising ico.. @cryptassit

Cryptassist is the link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
The developers of the project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

This incentive is great. This will increase investments. I want to win this car :)

Интересное предложение. Если выйграю Теслу, подарю жене))

The platform will go a long way to improve the state of cryptocurrency.

Интересное предложение!!

Отличная возможность выиграть такую классную, экономичную и красивую машину, не каждый проект может предложить такое!

i love this platform

Ну это просто прекрасная акция. Надеюсь, удача мне улыбнется

The project is still developing well, good luck

This project will have many breakthrough in late 2018 I believe

Exciting promo! Cryptassist never fails to amaze, awesome as always

This project with very active staff and good concept is really interesting. I can see how it will blow the crypto world. More power to the team. So invest now. #CryptAssist #CTA

This platform will bring revolution in crypto world.

The idea is classy on itself and the team is outstanding, this project is going to change the way we use cryptocurrency.

This is awesome !! Best project in 2018. In future cryptocurrency will be available for all in Cryptassist platform.

Cryptassist will be a great solution when it is fully implemented forward. It will be much easier to use cryptocurrencies in different spheres,

A good idea and a strong team, closely follow this project, and I believe that this startup will achieve their goals. Revolutionary idea

Отличная система вознаграждений получается - дополнительный стимул инвесторам

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

After several observations I realized that these guys are very ambitious! #CryptAssist #CTA Dont miss this great opportunity ICO project, has a lot of campaigns in it, and also there is a social media campaign that gives high stakes, hurry up and check this out.

Cryptocurrency is about to experience a new era

you guys are doing a great job here, making cryptocurrency market more easy to use.

С удовольствием посмотрю на нового обладателя Tesla. Спасибо CryptAssist за такую замечательную лотерею. Шанс на выигрыш реально велик, при этом ничего не теряя, а даже приобретая перспективные монеты CTA

Cryptassist is Excellent Platform for Analytics, Trading and Communication !.. Good luck to Team in promoting Cryptassist Platform !.

I'm glad to be able to support your wonderful idea and get a reward for it. A strong and creative team. Join now.

Such a beautiful vehicle, i have boarded one on my holidays 2 years ago where i hitchhiked across France. The acceleration is impressive to say the least!

Great feature is that there will be a database and map which will show you where cryptocurrency can be spent. We own it - but it can sometimes be hard to actually use it - so this will be very useful

Congratulations @cryptassist!
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With pleasure I will look at the new owner Tesla. Thanks CryptAssist for such a wonderful lottery.

Really unlimited possibilities!

Cool contest! Tesla is the car of the future!

good project, the team has many plans, this company is definitely waiting for great success.
#CryptAssist #CTA

A distinctive feature of the project is that the platform supports smart contracts. On the platform, many functions that are managed by smart contracts are possible.

Похоже, что награда tesla принесет много вдохновения для инвесторов. Великие призы, привлекательные проекты и сообщество Cryptassist будут более захватывающими, чем когда-либо

The thought cool on itself, and group exceptional, this undertaking will change a way which we utilize digital currency.

The superb arrangement of compensations turns out - an extra motivating force to speculators

Everybody dreams about this car. Cryptassist-gives a chance to win. Why not? suddenly lucky.

Вау! Интересное предложение от CryptAssist. Не каждый проект разыгрывает такие супер-кары, можем ожидать притока инвесторов.

Cryptassist customers will receive a ticket and the opportunity to win the Tesla Roadster as a thank you.

This is an excellent proposal. I see that the project team is working on development day in and day out. The project is strong in my understanding.

An incredible chance to win such cool, financial and wonderful auto, not each extend can offer it

Wow this is awesome just buy worth 250$ CTA token and you have a change to win testa car. Great job CryptAssist!!

Вау! Отличная идея, разыграть такой автомобиль, бонусом к токенам! Удачи всем!

Congrats on hitting your Soft Cap... This project is going to be a Hugh success and moon... Great work

one of the best project.

это хорошая мотивация для покупки

Its a very good project

Хорошая возможность выиграть этот лучший автомобиль, да и монетами закупишься !!

Cryptassist platform will benefit and revolutionize the crypto world by simplifying how crypto can be used in everyday life and how blockchain technology will impact to the benefit of individuals, businesses and government now and in the future. #CTA #CryptAssist

Very Promising Project!!
Cryptassist is the very excellent project and has got great team,this company is definitely waiting for great success.

Я люблю теслу, отличная машина, да и концепт и подход нравится, не говоря что они первые кто массово продавил рынок под электрокары и все побежали делать за ними

Cryptassist will offer multiple special services and products for which customers can pay with CTA. The CTA used for these products or services will then be burned, creating a deflationary effect and potentially causing the value of CTA to rise

Exceptionally dependable undertaking with a substantial number of cash. It is intriguing platform. This project progressive

With joy I will take a gander at the new proprietor of Tesla. CryptAssist a debt of gratitude is in order for such amazing lottery.

it would be great if i get the car

Outstanding project and excellent working team that is guaranteed to bring success

I am happy to have the capacity to help your exceptional thought and to gain compensate for him. Solid group and innovative gathering.

Don't miss out! Be a part of the project by joining the ICO or bounty program. Visit the website for more information.

Каждый надеется что бы ему повезло, и я тоже) Я считаю что это авто отображает качество проекта.

Такие конкурсы повышают интерес к проекту, тем более розыгрыш автомобиля. Это показывает серьезность и масштабность проекта.

This offer to win a Tesla Roadster from #CryptAssist if simply mind-blowing. This project is the future!

Проект действительно будет весьма перспективным.
Хорошим показателем успеха является возможность принять участие и попытаться выиграть столь достойный приз.

Wow! This is so an opportunity! And so at stake is Tesla Roadster. All you need to participate is to join ico #Cryptassist and invest 250 USD. For each such investment you get a ticket and increase your chance to win! Have you already joined? No?! Then do not waste time and act now!

this is not a surprise for me.because this is one of the great project and it is normal people gather around this project in numbers.Telegram community is very active and friendly.admins answers every small question of people , keep the good work

Cryptassist will include on its platform a unique trading feature that will allow users to access and trade on multiple exchanges, from a single platform.

wow nice and great project indeed one of the best project in 2018

My dream car. Cryptassist will turn your dreams into reality.

Конечно, вы, ребята, замечательные и трудолюбивые, чтобы воплотить этот проект в реальность. присоединятся к вам, надеюсь, что я выиграю ваш конкурс: D

Вообще здорово, как говорится совместим приятное с полезным

This project will gonna be huge and profitable in the future take your move now and participate in token sale.

  ·  3년 전

Так, а на Приору ее можно будет поменять? ))
Если серьезно, всегда мечтал обзавестись электромобилем, за ними будущее, углеводороды это прошлый век.К сожалению пока что во многих местах нет достаточной инфраструктуры, но это дело времени.

Cryptassist will deliver the cryptocurrency into the new step that the vital crypto should be beneficial in each day existence for everyone.

Very glad I found this project. From my point of view, a very promising and necessary. Currently meets all modern requirements and has a large range of benefits! Go and get acquainted with the project!! #CryptAssist #CTA

Wow Tesla Roadster!!! What a amazing car! I think this project is really great

i did very selective person when investing in cryptocurrency, but for cryptassist project i will not think twice...perfect project

Хороший бонус для инвесторов.

отличная лотерея для привлечения новых инвесторов

wow .. this is a good offer, by just buying CTA we can get a chance to win Tesla. I hope I win: D

An interesting project with a very good and real idea
I can confidently recommend this project to anyone who walks into the future with blockchain technology.

What the project stands to offer truly is awesome, this is why the ico is going so well. So much believe

Я согласен с тем, что это умопомрачительное предложение, которое, безусловно, привлечет больше внимания крипто-энтузиастов к этой удивительной платформе.

good work and great project

Вау, какой большой стимул для участия в ICO Cryptassist. Возможность выиграть удивительный родстер Tesla, инвестируя в удивительный проект, такой как Cryptassist. И просто вложив 250 долларов! Я думаю, что с этой возможностью многие не решились сделать шаг и войти в участие в ICO этого замечательного проекта ;).

Very promising project. Everyone is looking forward to the next stage. It is evident that the team is trying to do everything that the project has achieved great success.

Это действительно очень заманчивое предложение! Советую всем участвовать!

компания Cryptassist не перестаёт удивлять новыми сюрпризами, надеюсь вскоре шикарный выигрыш найдёт своего владельца!

The team gets a great project. I join you in every possible way and will contribute to the promotion of the project.

это прекрасная возможность для всех держателей купонов похвастатся свои невероятным выйгрышем,Tesla отличный автомобиль!

Cryptassist is the more interesting project of this period and, with you, the use of Cryptocurrency will be more easiser for end users!