Cryptassist Website Integrations

4년 전

To assist Cryptassist users with gathering the latest information on market capitalization rankings, mining profitability and exchanges, all on one easy to use platform, Cryptassist will integrate three of the leading websites on these topics.


CoinMarketCap Integration
The CoinMarketCap website provides a comprehensive current view of market capitalization rankings, easy to view charts and much more, allowing users to scan the cryptocurrency market in detail.

CoinWarz Integration
Cryptassist will be integrated with CoinWarz, which is a handy tool for miners to see which coins are the most profitable to mine. The cryptocurrency profitability information displayed is based on a statistical calculation using the hash rate values entered and does not account for difficulty and exchange rate fluctuations, stale/reject/orphan rates, a pool's efficiency, and pool fees.

Exchange War Integration
Exchange War is a website that lists the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and 24 hour volume charts, allowing you to compare exchanges to assist in your decision on where to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies.


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i personally liked the idea of exchane war integration.

market integration will help investors.

Cryptassist will have a variety of applications and personalized notifications depending on the user profiles, objectives and investment strategies.

It's great to know that on your website, we can gain some information regarding market capitalization, etc from biggest information source like CMC, CW and exchange war.. thanks team :)

The improved model of Cryptassist deflation creates the potential for a significant reduction in the number of CTA coins in circulation, which can have a positive impact on the market.

CryptAssist will be integrated with Coinwarz which is a handy tool for miners to see which coins are the most profitable to mine.

The cryptassist ensures a safe environment for both the employer and the freelancer and it is very important step for project. Here is the website

These sites are what I usually check too to gather data on my trades. Great sources mean valuable data.

CryptAssist will be the crypto focal point of cash since all instruments in which you require, are on her stage.

The Cryptassist coin (CTA) will run on a blistering fast DAG algorithm and also have a deflationary model where CTA used for premium alerts and services are burned, meaning less CTA potentially increasing the value of the remaining CTA.

Cryptassist is the best assistant to make your job easier

These spots - what I as a rule check additionally to gather material about my branches

great .. i like the this project because this project introduce the knowledge is power.

an excellent opportunity to obtain is more than information concerning cryptocurrencies

Now all quotations and volumes of cryptocurrencies will be available on your multipurpose platform.

Very nice info surely will use in future

I don't think! Of course it is difficult to compete with coinmarketcap. But after all I think your platform will find a lot of audience

These are three great website resources that will allow you to quickly receive news, updates in the world of assets and increase the potential of your earnings, thank you Cryptassist!

Wonderful ideas every day...

The Cryptassist project includes a team of highly qualified specialists, an excellent idea and a competent plan for implementing this idea. I believe in the team and have already joined this project!

Exchange War is a website that lists the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and 24 hour volume charts, allowing you to compare exchanges to assist in your decision on where to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies.

The idea of integration is very relevant. Respect the company and the team. Thanks to this you can realize your ideas.

A most useful feature both in mining and crypto trading to provide real time access to market price fluctuations.

Cryptassist is the link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future of the world we live in.
Cryptassist will make cryptocurrency available to everyone!!!
The developers of the project best wishes! (personal text, thank you)

Be part of a good project is a pride that can not be phrased, happy to do something for this project, and will be successful always, because it is supported by a good team and will develop

The Cryptassist platform is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed and the potential for even greater profits.

It's cool! the coolest thing that I ever have seen. Cryptassit is doing some great project and excellent idea.

Cryptassist - is success! Cryptassist will solve the problem and make cryptocurrency
available to everyone in everyday life.(this is my personal text, thank you!)

Cryptassist will offer multiple special services and products for which customers can pay with CTA. The CTA used for these products or services will then be burned, creating a deflationary effect and potentially causing the value of CTA to rise.

Offering up to 12 tools which all have distinctive functions all towards arming users to the teeth on everything possibly needed to be a major player in the crytocurrency. I have no doubt that this platform will be successful.

great .. i like the this project because this project introduce the knowledge is power.

This feature of Cryptassist will be really useful, a one-stop for information and resources. Just awesome!

Cryptassist has a very fast development. We keep getting good news.

Integrating coin market cap will be good for the cryptassist project. Nice idea

The #CryptAssist team have putting every effort in the project so that investors will always have the best experience with their platform... Great work guys... Best of Luck to the team

Integration with all exchanger is the most important role in the daily uses of cryptocurrency .. Great work..

This platform is useful not only for beginners, but also for advanced users. A lot of work has to be done by the developers in order to translate the idea into reality.

by integrating with several crypto information provider sites will increase valid information. Informed progress makes crypto people understand that Cryptassist stands to be the best, a great team work,

I think such integration is very beneficial to the CryptAssist, because this 3 presented platforms are popular and very useful.

It is interesting to see how this integration will look like. Will it be just convinient links or completely new app?

Super project, which will not leave anyone indifferent! Join the project, as long as there is time and benefits.

This ICO is perfectly made for us. Success is real in this project so, don't miss this ICO. Invest now! Trust, believe, earn and succeed! #CryptAssist #CTA

3 important integrations for a powerful tool !

Cryptassist possesses much more potential than any other projects to launch today.

Don't miss the chance on participating on the biggest ICO ever. Time is running out so hurry grab this opportunity.

awesome project.i am sure cryptassist provide best website integrations.

Cryptassist users will be able to sell any cryptocurrency of any quantity to other users OTC. Not only for the top coins, but also for altcoins that cannot be traded anymore or do not have enough volume.
#CTA #CryptAssist

The more integrations across the internet, the more attention to the Cryptassist ICO!

Cryptassist is the Best Platform for cryptocurrency traders and content developers with excellent set of necessary tools for analys and trading cryptocurrencies !.. Good luck to Team in promoting Cryptassist Platform !..

Good news!

cryptassist can be used to make easier our life with cyptocurrencies in future. This all in one platform will gives us great service

Great project with many features and functions!

Cryptassist will give you all in one solution for the crypto field.

Congratulations @cryptassist!
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Cryptassist will solve problems by making cryptocurrency easy usable for everyone


I think so. it has 25 useful feature to disrupt the industry

The project will make life easier for everyone!

Its good to see the integration with three websites,it will make the project more convenient to use.

Thanks for sharing good information. Cryptassist is one stop solution to cryptocurrency!!

In General, I am very pleased that soon the whole system will start working as a whole. Crypto enthusiasts have long needed such a service

If you haven't already make sure you follow Cryptassist on
Medium: and on


This is a one stop shop for all cryptocurrency needs.

The ambition and scope of this project never fail to amaze me! The technology used to operate this platform fast and smoothly will contribute to make this project attractive to many users.

Dont miss this great opportunity ICO project, has a lot of campaigns in it, and also there is a social media campaign that gives high stakes, hurry up and check this out.
#CryptAssist #CTA

Excellent service and convenient interface and wide functionality with great prospects.

Wonderful ideas every day.

The feature will help Cryptassist customers collect the latest information on the market capitalization, profitability and exchange rates for mining operations

I look into all cryptocurrency token, I noticed that #crytassist is one of the greatest token that someone shouldn't afford to miss, grab this opportunity now by investing in this great project.

Thanks to this project,I can actualize my dreams and reach my heart desire which is my goal. I am happy to be a part of this project.This company looks very worthy and interesting

Wow, it's amazing information. Keep up your great work then the goals will be reached soon. I can't wait to see #CTA on the exchange.

Cryptassist's 25 functions and features are created so that every body can easily use digital currency, from novices to skilled traders.

I really like the project. Prospects for the development of a purely cosmic scale. I wish the developers good health and patience. Together we can do more!

another features come from cryptassist platform, good job dev, very interesting

This component of Cryptassist will be extremely valuable, all inclusive to acquiring data and assets.

Cryptassist will develop a one stop trading app. Crypto traders will be able to trade from one app to over 50 exchanges.

The project really interested. I think even investing. Well, not much 10% of the bank.

Thanks for the informations about your interesting project.
I'm sure this project will gain more investors.

The integration of Cryptassist websites is an advantage for investors in this market. Valuable information such as gold may have to be adapted in a very short time so investors can guess the market trend. The Cryptassist is walking very confidently

Thank you for the good information, hopefully Cryptassist will solve the problem by making cryptocurrency easy to use for everyone

I will repeat! The project can really be the leading one in its own branch. By collecting the latest information on the market capitalization ratings, the Cryptassist project will be able to stand uniquely.

The integration feature will relieve users the stress of having to visit multiple websites for crypto prices. Thumps up #CryptAssist.

CryptAssist will be the center of the crypto currency because all the tools you need is on its platform.


it has lot of feature. but need to see their implementation.

That's really cool.Excellent project.

Very nice article , thanks for sharing it with us!

things are going to be so easy with cryptassist. knowledge is power!


yes knowledge is power.


I m waiting for such coin which will trade for us using our fund and will give us daily dividend on basis of profit ratio. Do u think such type of coin will come in future ?

It's great to know that on your website, we can get some information about market capitalization, etc. from the biggest information sources such as CMC, CW and exchange wars ... thank you team :)

Cryptassist has all the amazing features to make easy for people .

great project. up voted to you.

Cryptassist Come with many products

the company introduces an innovative product in the field of blockchain technology! I'm sure ICO will be very successful and will gather the necessary sum to start the project!

thank u for this article

I think it's a great success that Cryptassist integrates these three websites in its platform, given that they are reference websites that will help Cryptassist users to compile the latest information on market capitalization rankings, mining profitability, and exchanges.

On the one hand CoinMarketCap, a reference page from the point of view of the general market cryptocurrency queries which allows users to scan the cryptocurrency market in detail. And on the other CoinWarz and Exchange War, two very useful tools for miners and traders, respectively. Good job

Cryptassist has a great and very experienced team with strong advisors in project.

Cryptassist - the best task since it will take care of the issues associated with digital money. The best undertaking ever!

I like this idea! I believe that Cryptassit will integrate three fundamental tools for the world of cryptocurrencies and will cover different areas of activity. CoinMarkeyCap can have many followers at a general level, it is very popular with investors. CoinWarz is aimed at a much more specialized public but fundamental for the blockchain as are the miners and finally Exchange War, I did not know it but it seems very interesting.

  ·  4년 전

What functions will be used from CoinMarketCap?

This a great step and I know the community will benefit from this innovation.

Very interesting and promising project. I think the project has a great future. I wish good luck to the project team and all participants!

very good cmc good for cryptassist

Nice idea guys. I look forward for a strong use case for this project. Certainly you guys are wonderful and hardworking towards bringing this project to reality. a technological project based on blockchain with big dreams, its good . I look forward to the future development. I would like to read more and i will, will join with you

Creation of own exchange will add to the project of confidence in development, and users will estimate service. It is pleasant to me, I will monitor development.

This project has a promising concept with an excellent team.

#CryptAssist offering serious technologies in the world of blockbuster! Excellent team, excellent project and excellent technology.

Cryptassist is best project because it will solve the problems related to cryptocurrency. Best project ever!

Integrating on those three platform makes me want to all in! CryptAssist will never cease to amaze me!

You have a great future! Keep it out! I am confident in the success of the project!

It is great to know all these will be integrated into your website. Thanks for the intelligent ideas. All the best.

A good idea about integration. You do not cease to amaze me.

The development team of Cryptassist is very skilled! This integration is a very good job.