Quantstamp and Raiden Save Ethereum from CryptoKitties

4년 전

quantstamp and raiden network save ethereum from crypto kitties steemit.jpg

Quantstamp (QSP) and Raiden Network (RDN) are two solutions to help secure and scale Ethereum (ETH) to help prevent bottlenecks like CryptoKitties and hacks like the DAO and Parity attacks. All about CryptoKitties: The Joy! The Profits! The Ultimate Guide! Including a Message from CryptoKitties. This is CryptoKitties in a Nutshell - Why it is more than just a decentralized game. With $100,000+ selling cryptokitties - Ethereum can't handle the craze. People are spending $23,000 on CryptoKitties - I'm not even joking! But all jokes aside, CryptoKitties is the worlds first ethereum game!

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Great post bud ,i got into crypto kitties myselfand now they are clogging the ethereum network , luckily ethereum team has already implemented micro raiden on the main network.Have a read

This is insanity!