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I have recently been finding myself glued to MANO ( Discord channel and I'm enjoying the community feel that it has.

Now, in the crypto world this is rare to find. Generally it's a cut throat business to see who can profit the most, but I have found that the MANO team and community have been the complete opposite. I will give you a few examples of it.

Recently the The Masternode Foundation gave 1BTC to Charity: Water a non-profit organization. This charity was the most voted on by the MANO community in Discord to receive the donation. You can read more about it here

mano c.png

There's also a section in their discord #MANO-BOT where the team and community can 'soak' other discord users with their own MANOcoin. The bot will randomly pick community members who are online in the discord channel and they will receive a certain amount of MANO.

The MANO team have channels open where the community can have their say on different parts of the project such as, what coin to add to the MANO platform, charity voting and general discussion on the MANO product. Also right now there's a channel to talk all thing soccer world cup. The whole discord of The Masternode Foundation has a real family feel and your feed back is received and taken into consideration as the project moves forward.

There's so much going on with this project and to see a happy community being able to have input into the MANO platform as it moves forward, is a breathe of fresh air in the crypto world in my opinion. As we know, The Masternode Foundation will cover all aspects of the masternode world and now have a solid community behind them to help them succeed.

If you have been living under a rock and don't know about this project yet, here is some information and links for you to do some research.


Symbol: MANO
Address Initial: M
Block Reward: 10 MANO
Masternode Collateral: 1000 MANO
Block Reward: 5/5 ( 50% Miner / 50% Masternode )
PoW Algorithm: Lyra2z
Block time: 120 seconds
Diff Retargeting: DGWv3
Halving: 12 months
P2P Port: 5982

RPC Port: 5983
Max Supply: 12,614,400 MANO
Premine: 3%
Github: Masternode Foundation


June 2018: MANO Coin Blockchain Initial Launch.
July 2018: MANO Host - One-click Masternode Services for Everyone.
August 2018: Shared Masternodes Platform - Automated Shared Masternode Investing.
October 2018: Masternode Rankings - The Coin Market Cap of Masternode Coins.
January 2019: MANO Exchange - The Crypto Exchange for the Smart Masternode Investor.
March 2019: MANO Fund - A Masternode Investment Fund ruled by Decentralized Governance.


Mano Explorer:


Masternode Foundation:
Mano Host:
Shared Masternodes:
Mano Exchange:

Author: @cryptoaussie
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