MyEtherWallet Warns Of Another Hack

4년 전

MyEtherWallet (MEW) is again at the center of a significant security breach and has warned its users using Hola to move their funds. This is the 2nd security breach of the popular Ethereum wallet in the last 3 months.
Screenshot_2018-07-11 MyEtherWallet com Your Key to Ethereum(1).png

Hackers have compromised Hola, a free VPN service, for a five-hour period that may have left Google Chrome users’ crypto wallets compromised for merely having installed the Hola extension.

These 2 tweets from the official MyEtherWallet Twitter account @myetherwallet
"We received a report that suggest Hola chrome extension was hacked for approximately 5 hrs and the attack was logging your activity on MEW."
"Urgent! If you have Hola chrome extension installed and used MEW within the last 24 hrs, please transfer your funds immediately to a brand new account!"

For more information on the security breach

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