Crypto Happy Hour - Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash and Crypto Craziness - December 20th Edition

4년 전

It's Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash in the world of crypto, for the battle of "The Real Bitcoin". Let's talk about the crazy news in the crypto world in the past 24 hours and what it all means moving forward. Grab a beer whiskey, water or coffee and let's chill and have a good time talking crypto. Let's recap the day's action and answer your questions about the crypto world.

Hey, it's 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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Cryptobobby i have been following you for a while now and i also started steem recently but how come u can get 100 dollars with 8-9 upvotes and can u maybe help me also get that?


There are a few "powerful" people on Steemit that upvote my posts, and for that I'm super lucky and appreciative! Just keep grinding, I was posting for over 3 months before anyone noticed my posts at all!


Thanks for the reaction.
I just wrote another article been putting alot of time in them.
Would love your feedback! not even a upvote or something just feedback. Because don't know if these are worth it.

Nice. Diggin this style. Thnx for sharing this, followed.


Thank you, appreciate the kind words!

Just look at the stats Bitcoincash is 3k and bitcoin is 15k. BitcoinCash is already rivaling Bitcoin with a much lower marketcap. So much more grow potential for Bitcoincash! Also i believe that Bitcoin can't scale with the transaction fees already at an all time high. So i know where i am putting my money!


I think coinbase may have listed BCH on purpose to keep the sustainability of bitcoin going. It was a sucker punch to all BTC hodlers, but I feel on hindsight it was necessary for Bitcoin to move forward.


You also have to realize that about 30% if not more of BCH is locked up in wallets still such as on coinbase and have yet to be released on to the market creating a massive squeeze on supply right now till those flood gates open up.


But thats not one account so those wil gradually flow into the market.

Those trading moves though... Sweet!

  ·  4년 전

Just when people thought they may be understanding Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash had to come and confuse things again.


  ·  4년 전

Seems that you have no deposit. Plase send any amount of SBD to @tipU to use @tipU services :)

Bittrex is killing me rn.. Im trying to find out where i can invest buy & sell


Have you tried Binance at all?

While everyone is here busy deciding between Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash, I'm here thinking should i buy Ripple or no. Ripple has got the potential, hope to start off with a small amount.


Ripple has major potential


I've been following it for couple of weeks now, i believe it crosses $5 mark within the next year!


You should have bought at 0.25 cent to 60 cent i think it isn't worth your money now. But i believe u will see a small profit if you invest now. Just better options out there


actually i did but in a pretty fake site, luckily i didn't lose any money from my pocket but the profits from the investment were gone!


I reccomend you can see the volume of each coin on each exchange. So u can just go on the biggest mostly the safest.

It seems kind of scammy that Bitcoin Cash forked Bitcoin and is claiming that it is the "true" Bitcoin. Seems to be pretty clearly a knock off to me.

BCH is is next to bitcoin

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Cool stuff you got going here.

crazy work for Crypto

What did BCH do to avoid the high fees per transaction and the long time to get a transaction to really happen? If they did manage to solve it - and we will be able to test it in the near future with the rise of the bitcoin cash popularity - so there is every reason to believe it will keep rising in the near future.