Crypto is #Done (according to the media), ETH Flippening and NULS

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According to the mainstream media, the crypto markets are done, everything will go to zero and we're all dummies for ever buying crypto. Howevvaaa, here's why I think that's a total joke and why the media is also just throwing stories at random things trying to explain market movements. Let's also talk about Ethereum's rise back up to prominence and the potential (trigger warning Bitcoin maximalists) #Flippening.

Lastly, I read through the NULS whitepaper and while it was interesting, I wasn't incredibly impressed. If your a fan of NULS, I'd love your thoughts on it and why you like it, as my mind is certainly not set in stone!

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The Media is full of noobs. We on Steemit know a lot more about crypto. The Steem blockchain cannot=0 because it offers users a lot of functionality. Iota, Eos, Siacoin and others also. If the media would stop focusing on Bitcoin alone and take a long hard look at the other cryptocurrencies then the prices would behave differently, more logocally.


Bitcoin improving every week the developers are working hard, smart contracts with bitcoin soon, .01 cent s payment for transferring bitcoin soon with lightning network, 1/3 rd of kenyans have bitcoin wallets, so many improvements in last month amazing, bitcoin down to $8,000 i think then $28,000 end of 2018, then $100,000 in 60 months.

6th largest currency in world is bitcoin,

FUD from crooks and manipulators driving bitcoin down too, bitconnect, ripple, tether and other scams will be driven out by the authorities and more astute cryptocurrency holders in months to come,

Certified Bitcoin Professional


Yes. The Media doesn't know anything when it comes to crypto.

Its a tough uphill battle for the everyday person..but the thing is that there is too much there to just say "its all a scam". Thanks for the post man


It's a tough battle, but you have to take the good with the bad. For every 10% dip, or 50% correction, you might see a 400% run. It's all part of the cryto game


you are right to remember that a large execution always entails a great correction, not always the market can be on the rise


Got to love that meme. There is no doubt that Bitcoin's historic dip is larger then ever before. Meanwhile crypto investors alike hodl and stand brave like.. this is fine.

We are in the "capitulation" phase of the bubble. Soon we will be in the "despair" phase and then growth can resume.

totally true, Bitcoin is the father for every other coin and showed the way to decentralised organisations run by people. If 30 percent media focus was on other cryptos than we would see prices skyrocket

LOL I loved the start of your video Bobby... You have the MSM telling people how to buy Ripple at the top one minute and then telling people your idiots for buying crypto the next. Priceless! To be honest I haven't had cable for years and couldn't be happier, I have no idea why people still listen to that garbage (old fucks either reading script someone else prepared for them OR saying their own opinions on stuff they dont have the slightest clue about). Doug Polks video about it a week or so ago summed it up perfectly (where you had the news guy talking about how Ethereum has only been around 6 months and to look it up... something he himself obviously didn't do since his "facts" were nothing but pure made up nonsense).


PS in my opinion Tether doesn't have the fiat to back USDT like they say BUT they do hold a lot of crypto, which they are likely selling in mass right now to get the fiat needed to back their made up Tether tokens. IMO this mass crypto offloading is one of the major reasons for this recent crypto dip (dumping large amounts of their crypto holdings to get fiat to try to get themselves out of trouble... which may or may not work in the end).

In my opinion, this is just shaking the tree getting all the weak hands out. It will serve as a lesson to people who are just looking for an investment. Nothing wrong with that but it's a risky gamble. Now that is clear. Hopefully the people who are left holding are the ones who know that btc is much more powerful than an investment vehicle.

To me btc is a share ticket, gateway pass into the new economy. If you don't have a ticket, you are not getting onto the network. You will be willing to pay a lot more than 20k to get your hands on some in 10 years, just for the right to participate in the new economy. Early adopters are going to reap the rewards of forward thinking.

These are hard times. The bad news will keep coming this month and into next when the US regulators come in. We will have to wait this out and see where things are when the smoke clears.

The media will say whatever they have to in order to get you to sell your crypto. When you do, it gives them a cheap entry point to get in and pump the price up another way until it's time to sell for profits and repeat the cycle again.
Don't be the guy that gives your profits to the shills on television!

Completely agree with you statements, not all negative news is FUD. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it false.

The Government and the media are always full of S**t. Haven't had cable for 3 years just for that reason.

It's funny, I was just reminded by another post about some research my university did to determine what it really means to be an "expert". After all of their research they determined that an expert was defined universally as someone who has 10 years of experience with something. The first bitcoin was mined 9 years ago, thus no one is an expert on Bitcoin.

I know I should be relying on my own research, but you guys do a pretty good job analysis ICOs! Thanks bro!

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Great video man! I think cryptomarket it's just get rid of these daily traders. I can't wait for people to stop talking about pump & dumb strategy and start enjoying the benefits of the digital money.

It actually hurts the eye to see your bitcoin slowing moving down the hill.

but, i believe it will spring back sone. its too much to just end like that.

Nice post updating and guiding newcomers on steemit especially Crypto currencies Lovers like us. Do not forget to support need steemers like me cryptobobby. Thanks.

Cant wait that moment when Bitcoin will be under 20% dominance.

  ·  3년 전

Thank you for the information. You are a life saver.

the cryptocurrency investment can be compared to the betting industry .

After reading the first sentence, i almost had a heart-attack.
Actually no, i didn't. Who believes that. HODL

I am tired of reading FUD on the mainstream media and then connecting some ban or some piece of negativity to a market dip. It's simply a market correction based on the insane run up over the pay couple months. If you pull up the BTC chart and set it to 1 month, it looks like an average parabolic run up with a standard 50% correction. The mainstream media will have to realize at some point that the weak hands have already left the market and the people who are still in it are the people playing long term investment strategies tha will continue holding on because they believe in the technology. Thank you for the great post Crypto Bobby!

We have heard this 249 times. The first time was when bitcoin was 23 cents. Check the link below! It will explain why you should never listen to the media!

Many "powerful" and rich people involved in the financial system are trying to spread negative press because they won't be the big players anymore if cryptocurrencies pushing through. Many investors with basically no knowledge about their investments are getting scared and cashing out but their is a huge amount of people supporting the real cause and in the end it will stabilize because of that huge amount of support in my opinion.

They are just afraid of crypto power.

As in upside markets, there is no fighting the trend. However, being in for the long-term presents opportunity like today. Definitely think the overall breath is downward but may be good time to dollar cost in certain names. I think the bigger more established names will rebound as adoption spreads and regulation gets clarified.

The media is just a means of passing information but how it affects us matters much, if we accept their fake prediction with the information they give we start panicking and try to sell out there by creating fall in market price. Which is what they are trying to make us do. The rise and fall of cryptos are in our hands

I really like your post many people do not report these great things right now I have money invested in cryptos (iota, cardano, trx btc and more greetings I will definitely follow you deserve see you

Thank you for this!

Remind me in about 2 years when all of these anti-crypto politicians and lobbyists are mocked and meme'd into extinction.

Crypt here to stay!!!!

Anymore when is the media ever right about anything? Most of the major outlets have become glorified tabloids with clickbait headlines that often are outright lies. It's sad when satire like the Onion is on par with legit sources.

Thanks CryptoBobby, totally agree about the flippening. I think the real value in blockchain lies in the dapps and its applicatons. A secure blockchain currency (like bitcoin) is just another subset of a much wider use case for blockchain as a whole. So I think we really should be focusing on base blockchain platforms for dapps such as cardano, eos, ethereum, neo etc.

All media markets that are linked to banks and big money are always going to say crypto is falling and it's the end.

In a see of red and in a world of fud, we must remain strong. The crypto market has feet, they may be atrophied and tired....but they will learn to walk again, hop again and RUN again. Stay strong!

Crypto Bobby i am a big fan of your channel. I am subscribed to your youtube channel. Finally was able to get on steemit after a month and a half of trouble. I have mentioned an Ethereum #Flippening to some friends and they laughed at me. Glad to see someone is as open minded about #Ethereum as me. However I believe #XRP will be king within the next 2 years, I would love to hear your thoughts. It's a close race :)
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good post

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Someone should dash me some ethereum coin, lol

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The media just tries to sensationalize things for the sake of getting views, its a nice change from just talking about over-inflated egos like celebrities. Also as many here have pointed out they have no idea what they are talking about.

Mainstream media is garbage, they got their hands in the banks pockets. Cant wait for crypto to take off so we can laugh at them.

mainstream media has no idea how fiat money and fractional reserve banking work. So why should anyone care what they have to say?

For sure the flippinging is going to happen it's a question of months would be my guess

should we pull out from bitcoin market?

Just read the most important summary of this article with Cruxfinder(

HERE'S HOW THIS WORKS. The market was overinflated by amateurs who don't really care to invest in this industry. WAAAY too many people saw BTC on the news and just wanted to take advantage of the trend. Those people are all getting out now. That's what this crash is. It's a GOOD thing for crypto's future. We needed this big RED correction to weed out the wimps.

The crypto /blockchain industry is alive and well. It's still the wave of the future. We'll never see the market this low again. Tens of thousands of people are waiting to reinvest as soon as the market stabilizes. You can either take advantage of it, or you can let ANOTHER once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by. You think Dec 2017 was the big one?? You ain't seen nothin' yet sweetheart.

-Common Sense is my Super Power.

Since when does the media actually report news?? Mainstream media is nothing more than a glorified portion of the entertainment industry. Reminds me of Morpheus. "You think that's air you're breathing now?"

I feel like the drop in BTC dominance has a lot to do with the large increase in new really promising altcoins and what followed - massive number of 'get rich quick' sort of videos where the top 5 are hardly ever mentioned.

cryptobobby, you're the man!

The crypto market can't continue on a non-stop meteoric rise forever. A correction was due and that's all this is.

Crypto business is the combination of sports and war..

you cant kill what has already died 300 times. (300 according to the media)