Don't Let The Past Block You From Profiting From The Future (Or Why I'm Interested In Cryptocurrency)

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Don't Let The Past Block You From Profiting From The Future (Or Why I'm Interested In Cryptocurrency)

If you haven't heard of cryptocurrency by now, it's either you're living under a rock or you are just plain blind.
Either way, here's a story I think you should read.
Back in 2011, I used to frequent blackhat sites. Once in a while, I would comment on a post and as I was wont to do, because I am a cool lady, I made a couple of acquaintances on them. One of those people became somewhat a good friend of mine.
Till date, I do not know his name (because I didn't ask), I only referred to him by his username. And he told me about this new e-currency technology called cryptocurrency.
When I asked him what the currency was called, he said it was called...
Then he offered to sell me 10 units of this bitcoin for $200.
"$200?" I screamed! "Dude, are you insane? How do you think I am just going to give you $200 for something I didn't even really understand how it worked and which as far as I know is based on how that it will be 'profitable in future'"?
The reason I declined is you see, back in year 2003 - 2006, I used a service to pay for services online - domain names, hosting, etc - and also got people to pay me with it. You could convert it to dollars and vice-versa.
In 2007, the US Government arrested the company's founders for money laundering, shut down the company and
all the money I (as well as others) had in the company was lost.
It was painful. 4 years later, I had not forgotten, the pain was still there. To cut the whole long story short, I declined my internet friend's offer to buy the BitCoin.
Fast forward to 2016, I started hearing more and more about cryptocurrency. And Bitcoin.
And many other types.
Then I saw the Richard Branson's Virgin Airlines and indeed all his 200+ companies were accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.
Then I saw that I could pay for services on some website using BitCoin.
Then I saw that Grant Cardone (he's one of my favorites gurus) had the option for you to pay for his products in Bitcoin.
Then I saw that hotels, supermarkets, and so many other businesses were accepting this BitCoin thing.
Then I saw that the UN, yes, the same UNITED NATIONS was looking at the technology. And Microsoft. And IBM. And J.P Morgan. And Intel. And many world renowned banks. Even credit card companies like VISA.
Plus the US Government!
==================bitcoin (1).jpg

So I became increasingly intrigued. Then became interested. Then became super interested.
I reasoned that if all these big companies and reputable individuals, including millionaires and billionaires alike were accepting Bitcoin, then there had to be something good about it they were seeing.
So I did a deep dive and decided to research it further.
Brethren, what I have discovered has me
I found that Bitcoin wasn't the only cryptocurrency game in town. There was so many of them, most of them fake and worthless.
For example, once some smart alecs saw the popularity of Bitcoin, some went and started their own coins, put an MLM around it and then started selling the worthless coins to other eager unsuspecting people.
I have even gotten offers to set up my own cryptocurrency, call it DebbieCoin and sell it to you guys.
Hahahahaha. :-D
But why would I do that? Why would I knowingly sell you something that's worthless?
Naa, I do not play like that.
Note: If you are one of the people pushing any of these fake currencies, I am not interested in your "opinion". Do not comment here with your contrary opinion.
Here's How These Scams Rob People Of Their Hard Earned Money.
First these coins are worthless. How do I know this?
Because they are based on nothing, that's how.
See, BitCoin is also based on nothing but here's the difference between it and these fakes. BitCoin is not expandable. You cannot make anymore BitCoin. The supply is limited and that's why it has value. As demand for it increases, the value rises as supply is scarce and when there's any available, you have to pay as high as those selling it want to accept.
These other coins? They have to keep expanding them to accommodate more people. The more the supply, the lesser the "value". For example, if 10,000 join the OneCoin MLM, they have to create a corresponding number of coins in their database in exchange for the dollars they bring
in order to accommodate them.
The more coins created, the lesser the value goes down.
And speaking of dollars, here's the second way these fake cryptocurrency guys scam people, which is...
What the people who join these MLMs don't know is that the operators take their dollars (real money), give them the worthless coins in exchange, then use the real money (dollars) to go buy and BitCoin and the other real cryptocurrencies! (More on this in a little while)
Strange? You bet! I mean, if their TBC was so valuable, why do they ask you to register using Bitcoin instead of their own TBC currency? Huh?
And if doing what they do to the unsuspecting public isn't wickedness, I do not know what is. But wicked people can only bait and catch people who do not do their homework well.
Many of you reading this have a really bad habit of jumping into investments and making financial decisions without doing as much as a basic Google search, so permit me to not feel an iota of pity when you lose.
There's more but I'll stop here.
But the story is not all gloom and doom, though. There's a lot of money to be made from the right cryptocurrency.
I believe that whether you like it or not, in a few years, you will be using cryptocurrency. More and more companies are building on the Blockchain technology that power them. Now is the time to pay attention and position yourself to profit. In fact, it's a bit too late already.
And when I say, profit, I do not mean just by buying, storing and hoping to sell at a later date. There are many other ways to profit from cryptocurrencies.
You can...Poloniex-Monero-Bitcoin-Exchange.png

  1. Buy, store, and resell
  2. Sell goods and services and get paid
    So which cryptocurency are legit?
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Ethereum
  5. Ripple
  6. Litecoin
  7. Dash
  8. Monero
  9. and many more
    This week, BitCoin's value is at $2465.28 for 1 BTC (BitCoin). If I had listened to my friend from the Blackhat forum back then and bought the 10 Bitcoins he offered me for $200, it would be worth $24,652.80 now.
    That would be at least a return of over 1,000%!

I missed out because I let a past bad experience affect my judgement. But guess what, I am not worried. Now I know exactly what to do to profit. The good thing is all of this new technology is still at a nascent stage.
The world is changing guys and it is changing fast. Only those who change and adapt along with it will profit handsomely.

Thank you for reading this content and I hope it was useful! If you would like me to write more posts like this or posts specifically to meet your needs, would you please upvote this post and/or provide comments here with suggestions for future posts and don’t forget to follow me @cryptohunt
Debbie Williams.

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The crypto space is actually very small relatively. Only around 3 million people are aware of cryptocurrency out the entire world. Some stat I was reading last week. I feel the same way though, I think that everyone knows about it, but in reality people actually don't.


most people don't know about it for now,but when they get to know and realize the power of blochain then we'll see what's gonna happen.