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ORIS - is a mobile application that helps people hear the voice of their own intuition.

"Intuition is something that is ahead of the exact knowledge. Our brain has, without a doubt, very sensitive nerve cells, which allows us to feel the truth, even when it is not yet available to logical conclusions or other mental efforts."

Briefly about ORIS

The ORIS mobile app is a faithful and always available agent and Advisor to whom you can ask any question without fear that your need for information will be rejected or used for manipulation.

The degree of reliability of the information received depends only on you: on how open, deep and sincere you will be able to fulfill the intention to get the answer yourself and help others to get it.

With the ORIS app you can:

  • by asking questions, get predictions for certain events;
  • to develop your intuition and other latent abilities;
  • to learn about a new, passing psychological tests;
  • answer other users ' questions;
  • take part in sociological research and earn money from it.

You download and install the ORIS app, register and get the opportunity to ask questions, answers to which you want to know, as well as the opportunity to answer questions from other users.

The question you ask is converted by the system into a graphical abstraction. Encrypted so the question is broadcast to other users of the project and those who do not know the question, but only looking at the abstract encoded image and using their own intuition, choose the possible answer options (while there are two options: "Yes-no" and " how much?").

At first glance, it may seem that these answers will be random and, according to the laws of mathematics and probability theory, will strive for an equal ratio of 50/50 ("Yes-no" or "right-wrong"). However, our studies have shown that in most cases, this ratio often exceeds 70/30, which clearly indicates the non-randomness of these answers and confirms the intuitive connection of the requesting and responding. In any case, the system algorithm discards any answers with a statistical rating below 64/36, thus ensuring the purity of the experiment and the reliability of the answers.

We use our own unique technology, activating the ability of a person to enter into resonance with a Single Information Field, often called scientists as"collective unconscious". Those who ask and ask, being members of a single ecosystem, are inextricably linked with each other, and their minds, using Intuition as a universal media channel, are able to come into contact and exchange information.

Key roles in the application

Using the app, you can play one of two roles:

  • The prior (Prier is the one who vyvodyat) — the person or organization asking the question. 
  • Prayer pays to get an answer to his question. 
  • Praer — any person / organization wishing to ask a question by Linker, as well as having a need/ need to analyze the information of unique profiles of Linkers for the purpose of marketing research, sociological surveys and market understanding.

  • Linker (Link — link, connection) — the person answering questions. 
  • Linker gets paid to answer that question. Moreover, for each question Prera must meet a large number of linkers. 
  • Linker — any individual who uses the mobile application ORIS, receiving a reward in the tokens for answering questions in coded and direct form, as well as for the ability to analyze the information of its unique profile formed during its operation in the application.

 The Bounty Campaign

  1. The bounty campaign will start on 13.04.18 and last till the end of ICO.
  2. The budget for the bounty campaign totals to 7250000 ORGN.
  3. You will receive Orgon tokens as remuneration for your participation in the bounty campaign, they will be credited to your personal account in your personal cabinet of the project immediately following the moderation of the tasks you have fulfilled.
  4. All the tasks, including language translations, are post-moderated. You upload the task that has already been arranged, and then the moderator approves or declines your task.
  5. After your bounty bonuses have been accrued as Orgon tokens, you will be able to withdraw according to established rules after the end of ICO.
  6. All the tasks can be received in the "Bounty" menu in the cabinet of the project. Authorization is required for participation in the bounty campaign. Authorization is attached to your e-mail address.
  7. All the tasks are divided into categories. There is its own list of tasks in each category.
  8. The number of tasks is limited. Each task has its price. All the tasks are moderated. For example, the task is, "Post a video about the rules of work of the bounty campaign”. The number of tasks to be fulfilled: 100 pcs. Price: 100 ORGN per one video.
  9. As the tasks are fulfilled, the remainder of them will decrease, and this will be reflected in the cabinet. When selecting a task, the participant will be able to see what the remainder is. If the limit for certain tasks has been depleted, they will be unavailable.
  10. All articles, posts/reposts, tweets/retweets, comments, videos, etc. can be posted in any language. The cabinet is supported in two languages.
  11. Technical support of the bounty campaign will be performed via TokenGo bounty platform Telegram’s support chat.
  12. Spammers and those participants who are in serious violation of the rules of task fulfillment, will be blocked and banned from participation in the campaign. 



  • Start date: 19-04-2018
  • End date: 07-07-2018

68 days are left till the end of ICO.

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