Cryptocurrency Beginners Course (Part-18) at this moment what should I do with my bitcoins?

4년 전


Well, that depends on your plan. If you remember from my other articles, I said that each plan should be made of smaller steps and each is divided by a period of time and/ or what happens in the market.

Right now you can sell a little bit and enjoin it or reinvest it in a token, coin or in an investment program.

I am in the same situation as some of you and I have decided to wait until tomorrow (Sunday 22.10.2017) and then decide, as normally the prices come down or are more stable (I hope).

But if you want to continue seriously with cryptocurrency, don’t sell all or a major part of your coins as I believe the trend is upwards until the end of third week of November.

After the Segwit2x, there will be a drop and that can affect anyone.

I might take advantage of this moment and reinvest in some of the programs which I am involved in, this way, I have get interests, when the price is up and when is going down.

There are some good programs in the market as they have been through some problems and they have came out and continued, when they could have gone by now.

One has to think of different types of source income and the major baseline should be to keep as much as one can and use a small part for other types of business.

You don’t have to think only about what to do now but what it could come after, and based on my experience, I have to take advantage of this situation but without losing my head.

As everyone might know, this is the affect of bitcoin gold and Segwit2x but at the same time the trading does not finish there.
There are lots of investors which have and are making lots of gains and even if they spend part of it, they have to do something with the other part?

Possibly, after the Segwit, the market will calm down for a week or two but then it will go back to where it was before.

At the same time we are going to have new coins and also different tokens which are going to come to the market in November.

There are lots of presale coins under $1 which will grow in price and will affect the market and will bring the interest of other investors.

Overall, is going to be “growth in different speed” until the end of the year, meanwhile we should not miss the existing opportunities in the market.

I will leave you with two different investment links which I am involved in, and if you are interested, please use them.

Thank you.

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