We failed Satoshi

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We failed. Now what?

I want to be the first to plant the flag that we failed. This is not an article of "beat yourself up". This ia a marker in time. To realize a simple peer-2-peer exchange for goods and crypto is the not flagship message. And we should be honest about that. The extreme enthusiasm we had "in hindsight" could have been a psyop to get those like me gong. Revolutionary, a rebel. When I first got in I saw; a future of exchanging coffee for crypto indeed. Now people scough at the idea. I had someone on twitter send me the link to didgibytes' official coffee website. It's branding. In order for me to buy coffee with crypto, I have to pledge my allegiance to one company when it comes to switching to crypto-coffee. I'm sad.

Do you feel the way I do?

Of course you're not going to answer. Because you're going to scroll down see that I'm on a trail and even though you may agree with me philosophically or ideologically You; will not vote or answer my very basic question. That why we failed and that also is why steemit sucks. Even though it's my favorite crypto-platform; it's socialist. At least the users treat it as such. No different then how rich people treat bitcoin. It's because of them not being smart enough to know that wealth will always be land and realty. They once knew this to be true but crypto has blinded their senses. I once crypto-counseled a wealthy man who now finds himself addicted to purchasing alts- the problem is "he's not a collector".

If he was a collector he wouldn't call them "bags". A few of each coin would do and he'd have time to enjoy or observe the tech behind it. But that's not what he's doing. He's just addicted to accumulating bags. Do you know someone like this? Of course you won't answer even if you do. Even if you wanted to respond so bad--you won't. You won't comment on my post because It's not; socially acceptable on steemit.

Q: How did we fail you might ask?

A: Crypto is still very very new. But we already have automated compliance methods. It does just like it says --auto-complies". But how can we be building and securing auto-compliance tech and we don't have a brick and mortar yet. how can Satoshis' real vision be complete if we haven't built an economy around peer-2-peer. Sure we platforms but am I going to be the one to have actually build out what satoshi wanted? A simple system to bypass the current monetary system. Not to substitute it but to make it irrelevant when it comes to peer-2-peer transactions.
.............do i not know what im talkin about? ....dunno myself.

Me buying something from walmart is not P2P/- It's P2B. That math gets thrown completely out of wack when we consider Fiat2Crypto exchanges create B2N environment, which is why it's important we uphold a level of P2P on the actual pavement-boot on the ground.

Speaking of boots on the ground. Please donate to my charity. Its a way you can track what you given to what I give every month. This month I'm giving a Blankets & Bus tickets. It's my passion. I created a drive-by-charity. I'm the driver byer. I come through a deliver goods and other items to the less fortunate. If you don't mind-I jingle my cup at you.

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