Asch (XAS)

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Asch is an efficient, flexible, safe and decentralized application platform.   

Supply  : Max - 114 855 331 XAS Circulating - 93 355 331 XAS 


Bit-Z Pair - XAS/BTC 

OEX  Pair - XAS/BTC, CNY  

CoinEgg  Pair - XAS/BTC   

Kucoin Pair - XAS/BTC, ETH, BCH   

Wallet : you can download on PC and Mobil. They also offer to download Light client (All front-end functions of Asch platform are available for the PC client) and Node instalation Package. 

Website : Visualy is OK, almost everything is there, i missing the team, for me is good standart but it not necessary. Great thing is Tutorial, which is in upper menu.   


Whitepaper – there are two whitepapers. The first one is on title page of website, it is only pdf file. The second one is on bottom menu, the content is the same but the design is different. The second one is very good designed. I never saw so big attention on whitepaper. Also content of whitepaper is good and not hard to read.  

Team – it is not good when fans cant find team on website. Will be very helpfull, if at least will by here pictures from team. If you have time you can find the team in web, but its not standard. 

Idea – this is the platform for Dapps and they have several applications. Asch is low cost , safety –(multi-level payment passwords), reuseability –(applications can share data on Asch platform), flexibility -(one token can be used on multi-chain, and one chain can hold multiple tokens), usability -(based on JavaScript), performance -(more than 1500 transaction per second) 

Mining – on is written, this coin is mineable, but i cant found nowhere the mining algorithm or some info about it. In whitepaper is written this coin use delegates vote mechanism similar with the one of DPOS (Delegate Proof of Stake) 

Road Map – on main website is „short“ version and there is button more + that is detailed version (pop up another window) but only to end of 2017. Year 2018 is missing.  

Comunication/Activity – almost on daily basis  Blog, Bitcoin talk, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter (is number one), Slack, Telegram.   

PS:  Like in every job apply "safety first" in crypto world apply "do your own reserch". It can save your money and health :) 

PS2: I'm not a financial adviser, and the article is purely informative, it's my personal opinion, and before you buy any coin you can think well and do not play it.   


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