Dogecoin (DOGE)

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Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency.   

Supply : Circulating suply - 113 558 200 343 DOGE 

Exchange :   

Bittrex pair - DOGE/BTC  

Btc pair - DOGE/BTC  

Bit-Z pair - DOGE/BTC pair - DOGE/USDT  

Poloniexpair - DOGE/BTC  

and many others 

Wallet :  Dodgecoin wallet you can download on all OS - Windows, Mac and Linux 

Website :  very simple, nothing fancy, not many information, but strong community    


Whitepaper - I’m fascinated by the fact that doge has reached a milllion dollar market cap without having a whitepaper or product.  

Team – I found only two names Billy Markus, Jackson Palmer original authors. 

Idea - They call themselves a funny and friendly crypto currency. Someone call them usless coin or coin maded from recesion, someone even worse. I am surprised that this coin reached rank 37 in top 100. I think i found somethink good on this coin for us steemians. 

Mining – dogecoin is mineable, but algorithm is Scrypt same like Litecoin, that mean if you have 1 grafic card your hash rate will by minimal and minig is very unprofitable. The best for minig is ASIC miner. 

Road Map - there is nothing like a road map, the goal was issue this coin :)

Communication/Aktivity – It is based on community and everythnig is customize to communityWe are friendly, and we will be happy to answer any Dogecoin-related questions. Try us, we promise we won't bite!“ :D There si activity on Twitter and Reddit.

PS: The reason why i choose this coin is, that i sent money from Bittrex to Steemit to upgrade my Steem Power. Then i was thinking about dogecoin. Steemit accepting Dogecoin and if you send it for example from Bittrex like me, the fee will be only 2 Dogecoins that is around 90 Satoshi.  

PS2: I'm not a financial adviser, and the article is purely informative, it's my personal opinion, and before you buy any coin you can think well and do not play it. 


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Psík je psík a ešte kedˇ je to peniaz musí to byť super coin.

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Verím tejto minci a toho roku by mala ukázať svoju silu...


ano, navíc 2018 má být čínský rok psa, takže věřím v pověrčivost a hromadný nákup