Pura coin (PURA)

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Pura is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed for fast and secure payments with an additional built in benefit for the common good.  

Supply  : Total - 179 974 432 PURA Circulating - 173 191 938 PURA 


CoinExchange  Pair - PURA/BTC, ETH  

Kucoin Pair - PURA/BTC, ETH   

Cryptopia Pair - PURA/BTC  

C-CEX  Pair - PURA/BTC   

Wallet : guys from Pura made their own wallet, it can be downloaded from website.  

Website : it's scroll system with upper and bottom menu, there is also very usefull CoinMarketCap Live Ticker. It’s well arranged, but there’s missing ”wow” effect. On main page or first page is everything important Started, Video, download Wallet, set up Masternode, Whitepaper, Newsletter. On website is brandbook (Brand Identity Guide) it’s a policy guide how to use their logo and icons.   


Whitepaper – it's little bit of hard reading, but here is everything it should be. 

Team – there are only 4 guys, but they have percentages expressed, which part of project they take care about. 

Idea – A self-funded, self-governed, private, instant and secure cryptocurrency based on Dash. The fact cryptocurrencies are in a race for mass-adoption is clear. Branding is one of the major factors that makes people chose one brand over another, and ultimately part of the battle in who wins the race for mass adoption, who survives and who goes to zero. 

Mining – there is Proof of work (algorithm X11) but there are also masternodes - one condition must be fulfilled in order to become a masternode owner – proof of ownership of a certain number of coins.  

Road Map – they don't have, maybe will be released something, but this is also info which should be in roadmap 

Comunication/Activity – the main activity is on Twitter https://twitter.com/PuraSocial, but there are also Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2129477.0, Telegram https://t.me/puraofficial and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PURA-858105657676308/    

PS:  If you want be successful, you must spend some time to search the information and research. 

PS2: I'm not a financial adviser, and the article is purely informative, it's my personal opinion, and before you buy any coin you can think well and do not play it.   

Link: https://pura.one/  

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pekne ideš,teší ma to


:) aj mňa to teší :D ale aj ty si ideš to svoje, je to super, že sme takáto komunita a vieme sa podporiť, finger up :)