GBG, Golos Gold = Russian Steemit. Technical Analysis. High Potential!!

4년 전

So GBG seems so be the token of the russian Steemit, altough I don't know how they are connected to eachother and what part the normal Golos token has in all of that, but let's look at the chart.

So GBG had a really spiky past. This was the major reason why I initially bought into it, especially because the spikes were significant % gains each time and repeating in a very small timeframe. But Gbg also looks to be creating a soft bottom at support area atm. This combined with somewhat of a grindline and somewhat of a trendline broken, actually makes this as a reasonable early entry.

Early entry? Why is that?
The reason why it is an early entry for me, is that usually there is a break of local support areas around 1 or 2 times or until it reaches closer to harsupport. Making me a little cautious, but nonetheless, this is a good setup in a traditional view, but from my own analysis over the past weeks, i know that a break of support is still likely, which however would make me even more bullish in fact.

Also as a comparison you can also look at the Lomocoin chart, which basically has behaved almost identical to GBG, only difference, it just went 10x in the past days. Also Lomocoin also broke support once and only reversed when it touched hardsupport.

I already put a significant portion into GBG and will probably look to put in more, if it breaks support and creates a new local soft bottom.

Cheers ;)
~Curly <3

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let me know what you guys think ;)


Great post, i like your way of analyzing things. Your pas prediction are speaking in favor of you. Where do you think is the best exit point in GBG?


It just paid out love your post keep it up! Like you predicted


I am still expecting a big spike to happen. This also looks more and more bullish now. Im still holding most of my stack.

Thank you @curlyhead !Highly informative, what stands out to me here is not only the head-and-shoulders on this graphic analysis but also the legs that can be seen going on for miles to come - your thoughts


well I don't really see a significant head and shoulders pattern but yes, the next leg could be massive indeed :)

Because of your Eboost tip. I earned money. I want to share with you my work. I put someone to work to make a list of all the cryptocurrencies available on He will showcase the ROI rate between when the period when coin started and the coins in June 2017. So for example april 2013 till 2017 for BTC the coin BTC went up 2500%. This I will do for all the coins. You will get this information for free.


haha awesome! that would indeed be pretty valuable information to have ;) although, to get some actualy use out of it, i feel like the start of the measurement should be the same for all the coins analyzed aswell. Only that way you can compare the coins in a reasonable way. Also what would be interesting is the coinmarketcap rank at the start and at the end of the measurement.


Oww... Wow great tip... You are a great help. Yes, you gave me some great tips. So precious you are. Yes. I am thinking of adding some extra data and follow both tips. Maybe I can make ROI stats between years. Using periods/ fraction in years times. I think the ranking number is also a valuable piece of info yes. It might indicate to some degree the competitive advantage rate. I am going to hire someone to add these indicators. Thank you curlyhead :). Love you and all my friends on Steemit :)

Its the first time I heard of these tokens. I mostly invest in the popular coins. I never tried investing in ICO's or less known coins. But u have made a good analysis, I upvoted and I wish u all the best. Cheers