Radium Technical Analysis! One of the best current setups on Poloniex!

4년 전

So I haven't been in Radium for quite some time, which actually was a good decision, as it made relatively small gains over the past months and failed to breakout yet, but I am fairly certain, that this might change soon.

As we can see, we continue so squeeze into resistance and ATH. Resistance is not doing its job and the price keeps making higher lows. A breakout is only a matter of time at this point, and it could be any moment now. Especially with the bitcoin action leading to a potential alt party really soon, which could just be the spark this coin needs to explode! :)

As a little guideline on targets i put on the extension fibonacci lines, altough I don't use them too much, if you aren't active so much, it might be a nice thing to have layered sell orders spread out across them in preparation for a big spike.

Enjoy the gains <3 love you all!

~Curly :3

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Love hf! I upvote you get .15! Anyway, I was supposed to be on vacation with family, did a lot of reading about reading charts. Thanks for inspiring me. I never used Polo much, but thinking about it now. Polo +bittrex. I also found this bot that analyzes all coins and kicks out spreadsheet. I'll link it if interested.


yes link it :) seems interesting

woot woot woot, showing some love.
thanks for all your work :*

Thank you. Soon I will write an Agenda of all the Major profitable events coming. Everyone who will read my content could highly profit from entering in early and getting out at the right moment with max profitability.

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