steemit self improvement Trading diary: General coin selection and grading Part 2, closer look and final recommendations

4년 전

After almost full sweep if bittrex, these are the final best setups.

Trade recommendations together with my last post would be: Firstblood, BitcoinDark & Komodo, Verge and potentially Evergreencoin.

Table of grading is at the bottom.

APX - 9p

EGC - 15p

ABY - 10p

XMG -15p

1st - 13p but overall worthy of more points, due to it not being a shitcoin, there being massive chance for overperformance, the absolute slickness of symmetry, and above all, an absolutely stunning primer.


XVG - 14p

RLC - 7p

XST - 11p

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some setups are only starting to form, which I will post as they get closer to finishing