Steemit self improvement Trading diary: Part 1

4년 전

Macro: Double top
Trend: downwards but bottoming out -> unclear
Intramarket: Bitcoin unclear

Channel -> 10k & 5k
Downspike: 1k
Double top: 17k
Target: 13k

OBV: slightly upwards

Scenario cast: yes

Fibonacci conditions:
midpoint slightly above 50% fib, but still close. -> good
H2 90% fibonacci -> very good
H3 80% fibonacci -> very good
Symmetry good

Swing momentum: good, impulsive uplegs, relatively calm corrections -> good
Complexity: Bad H1, good H2 and H3 -> ok

Fundamentals: Good
News? sort of -> good

Use pending order: done
RRR -> 7,25 good
early entry? 7.2k justified

Target: 12940
Stop loss: 6487

Trend and Macro bad, rest good.
Trading Size: medium -> 0,4 btc

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