Dash Claims to have Security “Better Than Bitcoin”!


“Better Than Bitcoin”

Fully implemented in early July, Dash Core says they have not yet seen any protocol that really compares to ChainLocks. Gutierrez points out that while some projects, including Bitcoin, rely on implemented checkpoints at preset intervals, ChainLocks is “vastly superior” because it happens in “a completely decentralized and secure way.”

ChainLocks may sound like a boring backend improvement, but it adds a new layer of security notably absent from other blockchains.

“It doesn’t matter if someone is mining a longer chain in secret in a 51% attack,” Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor told Crypto Briefing in an earlier interview. “Someone could have 99% of the network power, but if anyone else publishes their block first, the chain becomes invalid.”

While Bitcoin may have the most mining clout, ChainLocks gives Dash a unique security and usability advantage. “This level of network consensus can be reached extremely quickly and reaches, I would argue, better than bitcoin security in four to six seconds,” he added.

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