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Ive been around the crypto space since around 2011 and have noticed the general approach that content creators make in the space in relation to crypto is always some sort of analysis or market forecasting, or something of the financial nature. The cryptotwins who are very popular YouTubers from the bodybuilding spacetd. have started created crypto related videos and are dead on hilarious.

Its a breath of fresh air that I think the crypto space needed, not a super serious video doing technical analysis and forecasting the price of some random coin in the next 2-6 months. These guys simply just chat about what coin or token they like, make some funny jokes, miss-pronounce every coin they mention on purpose and drop all of the common crypto phrases.

This isnt the type of post that we normally make, but just wanted to share it with the community as we have been flat-out enjoying their content and wanted to share it with you guys. Maybe we can get them to post it on!

Interesting enough they tend to talk about relevant topics in the crypto space which means they do their homework and pay close attention to the world. I really enjoy seeing non-super tech savvy people getting excited about crypto from a blockchain or currency standpoint, which is why I have come to love steemit so much. It does a great job of bridging that gap and introducing the blockchain and some of its real world uses to people that otherwise would have never heard about it.

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