Free BAT tokens and an amazing browser

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Being a tech-savvy crowd, I would imagine many of you have already heard of the Brave browser and the associated BAT token but if not, I would encourage you to take a look. It is a web browser with build in ad-blocking (no more dodgy Chrome extensions), control of tracking cookies/pixels, and an associated crypto token (BAT). You can donate BAT to your favourite content producers.

When you install Brave you get 30 tokens straight away. There is also plans to let you earn tokens by seeing approved ads, as well as being part of the referral and producer programs. You can get Brave via my referrer link:

Check out the quality blocking done just today:

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Where have you been hiding?

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A bit of lurking. Quitting academia. Procrastinating on making a website for my company :)


Oh nice! What’s your company?


Veritate Data Science - statistics and education consulting, training, and evaluation. Still need to build a website for it - have just had people finding me via contacts so far.

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Welcome back..