Bitcoin using Paytm ?

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Hii steemit!!
After reading all the hype about bitcoin i finally made up my mind to invest in Bitcoin
I wanted to Buy as soon as possible , but websites like zebpay ucoin only accept bank transfer which takes almost 24-36 hours and the price was shooting up !
I came across this website called Paxful
Paxful is a peer to peer trading platform from which you can buy bitcoin quickly and easily using differnt payment options
one such is Paytm as its widely used in Indai
I preffered to opt for Paytm it got transferred within minutes and reflected in my bitcoin wallet
It takes hardly 10min to buy bitcoin Paxful is easy to use and register

first need to Register with Paxful
Add the amount you wish to invest
Select payment method,Add your wallet address
Youll be redirected to payment gateway
Once the Payment is done BTC will be reflected in your wallet


Hope i can make some profit out of it :P

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nice info... check my post