Is this an UPTREND? - The "value" of Steem at October 7, 2019


Price of Steem

Today we have 0.00001780 BTC or with other words 0.14 USD

This is a little bit more than last month but does this mean an uptrendP
Or do we really saw the bottom and now a change?

There where some positive vibes

I'm following the news from @steem-marketung about communities and their activties on Medium and many other news and interviews during the last few month. Good Job!

Does this transparency create a positive impact?
Does the BTC change move the steem?

Is this an uptrend?

Value of Steem October 7, 2019  1.png
Source of chart is Bittrex

Steem in 2019

A year full of teardrops and a constant move into less and less

Value of Steem October 7, 2019  2.png
Source of chart is Bittrex

The last 2 month

OK, there is a little little up, but more or less it was flat.

Value of Steem October 7, 2019  3.png
Source of chart is Bittrex

An Uptrend?

Hmmm, at least a little little peak and even a higher value as the whole month of September.

But does this least?
Does the good work from the marketing reached the market?

Value of Steem October 7, 2019  4.png
Source of chart is Bittrex

Now what?

I love to hear your opinion on this as I really love to learn.

Tell me...

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It's an improvement on recent prices, but I'm not sure what's driving it. Could just be that lots of people with faith in the Steem platform are buying. I'm tempted to get some more. Getting it back up to 50c or so would give us a boost. I'm not expecting miracles.


Hi @steevc, same feeling here and a strong „wish” to see the price going up.

Anyway, I bought for 100 USD steem and powered this up. Sure, here is a !BEER for you to enjoy the Monday.


Good for you. I want to buy some more too before the price goes up too much


Hey @steevc, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

For me the Altcoin up started @ 15.09.19. BTC Dominance is falling since more than two Weeks. 4% Down from the last high of it. Slow but good. The Wales buy Altcoins slow now. I think it is minimum the bottom of the Altcoin Market in the hole case. Steem and a lot other Projects show just what is going on with all Altcoins. The true worth showed in the prices, is not in sight for me.

I buy Altcoins this year. 2019 is the new Altcoin Year for me(to buy in:)

Ich sehe keinen Grund zu glauben das sich irgendwas bessert, weder bei Steem noch bei anderen Kryptos. Da ist einfach vom System her der Wurm drin - genauso wieder bei Steem wie bei den Krypros insgesamt. Alle meinen den großen Reibach machen zu können, ohne über die Gesamtsituation nachzudenken. Also genau wie in der "normalen" Geschäftswelt auch.

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Today Steem got another UP to 0.15 USD and 0.00001830 BTC