Nano Rising: The Other Crypto Coins Take A Crap

3년 전

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Continuing the fall in prices, the cryptomarkets have been pretty depressing as of late. Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, pretty much all of the top 20 coins have been taking a beating over the past few days. With the exception of Nano.

Nano(XRB) has been riding a wave of great FUD recently. Rumors started circulating that cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase could potentially be adding Nano to their short list of coins offered on their site. Nano also has a prominent partnership starting up with 1upCoin to offer a feeless, instantaneous tipping system for Twitch users.


Great news circulating around the cryptosphere for Nano and it has been showing on the markets. Nano has boomed back up to over $13 per coin, currently up 21% over the past 24hrs. Nano is still looking like a great investment for those that got in while it was sub $10.

But here's to hoping that this "poopfest" ends soon for the rest of the market that way we can all get back on track to flying our space lambos.


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