The Crypto Coaster- Just Throw Your Hands Up And Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs!

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Now, that's a great ride!

Can I go again?

Can I?

Can I?


I love the Crypto Coaster! It's the only roller coaster that I know of where you can ride that baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! All that you have to do is pick your favorites and hang on for dear life. Or, better yet, just toss those arms up and scream at the top of your lungs. Either in triumph or in agony, the crypto coaster will give you a vast array of different emotions.

This past Friday was a great day in cryptocurrency. There was lots of positivity in the air that day and it translated to a great market run by damn near all of the cryptos. It also lifted my spirits as an investor. Green days are great days. And then came the weekend.

From what I have been able to see since joining the market is that the weekends seem to be red days, for the most part. My assumption is from people not being as active as they are during the week. But who really knows why? All I know is that those red days really suck.

This weekend, however, didn't seem to be as bad as the past few. Yes, Saturday and so far today, the market has been hitting red all over the place. But those red candlesticks aren't as big as I would have thought. In fact, there happen to be a few coins that are already hitting green. So hopefully things are starting to line up for a great run.

Because that's all we can do. Hope that the market stays on a consistent upswing, even on days that have been traditionally negative.

Just keep your seatbelts fastened and let the Crypto Coaster do the rest. Cuz this baby won't let off until it hits the moon!

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