Ignore The Fud, Focus on The Next Cycle

9개월 전

Source: Pixabay.com

Since the past months in this crypto space, I have come across so many fuds that can change one's view of ho we see this space.

Some of this fuds include government regulations and how they might be planning of shutting citizens out from trading cryptocurrency assets. I have a friend who so much believes that this space is toxic as it is used for money laundry and that the government will shut it down.

Another fud that has got me thinking is the cryptobibble fud. The crash of the crypto market led to the death of so many projects and are still counting. This has led to fudders comparing it to the dot.com bubble.

Sometimes I continue to ask myself, Is all this fud released just to shakeout weak hands off this space? Personally, I would say yes. With more companies and more people onboarding on the crypto space is a sign that we are still in the early stage of this wonderful technology.

About the government shutting down crypto, I dont think so.If they had wanted to, bitcoin would have be dead years ago. Aside that, it is impossible to shutdown a decentralized network.

My advise to fellow crypto enthusiast is just to remain patient through this trying times because, the next crycle will be so huge that it will introduce bitcoin to the whole world.

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