Doubling HIVE by Circling HIVE each Single Day: Opportunity?


Whether you are a professional trader, an amateur trader, or not a trader at all; Making some money (eg increasing your amount of HIVE) seems to be quite easy these days...

Every day around 16hrs GMT/UCT - 18hrs CET Central European Time - we can see a mini pump/dump across various crypto exchanges. Most of the time, a few hours after this mini pump/dump the bottom for the next 24hrs is set and the top is set a bit before 18hrs CET of the next day.

The difference between bottom and top within such cycle is somewhere between 10% and 15%.

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With some trading tactics (setting buy and sell orders, maybe at two or three different values), it seems to be easy to make some money every single day. The only thing required, have some HIVE and have some time each single day to set the buy and sell orders.

Seems also, it doesn't really matter against what is traded, USDT or BTC. Both showing very similar patterns. Even between different exchange, very similar patterns can be seen; Huobi and Bittrex charts included below.

Note: Trading volumes seems to be the highest at Huobi, with the trading pair HIVE/USDT handling 10 times more volume than trading pair HIVE/BTC. So you know, but is not really relevant for the circling exersize.

For more than 7 days these mini pump/dumps happened. Every day at almost exactly the same time. 7 days with lets say 10% profit, means almost doubling HIVE within a week. Not bad!

Though we all know, results from the past are no guarantee for the future. But still, one could take the little risk here. And even when you bought HIVE and were not able to sell it again, you can stake it and earn more rewards with curating :)

Note: The time markers in all charts below are a little difficult the read. For best view, please check the charts at the exchanges itself (links below):

last 8-day history of HIVE/USDT trading pair @ Huobi

last 8-day history of HIVE/BTC trading pair @ Huobi

last 8-day history of HIVE/BTC trading pair @ Bittrex

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advise of any sort. Trading crypto assets has a high risk profile. Please do not trade/invest with more than 10% of your liquid funds.


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