TL;DR 5 Sentence Summary - Self Proclaimed 3rd Generation Blockchain Network

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Aion is an upcoming third generation blockchain network aimed at bringing interoperability to blockchain systems.

The Aion protocol will enable separate blockchain networks to be connected, creating something similar to the internet but for the blockchain ecosystem.

Jinius Tu. CTO at Nuco and AION. Jinius was previously the Blockchain Architect and Lead Developer at Rubix by Deloitte.

COO at Nuco and AION. Kesem was previously a Blockchain Specialist at Rubix by Deloitte and a Senior Consultant at Deloitte prior to that.

The AION token will be used as "Gas" for the AION-1 network similar to how ETH is used as gas for the Ethereum network.

Source: AION

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