Can a GTX 1060 do 25Mh/s in Ethereum Mining?

5년 전

Before today it is not possible, but today...

With the release of new Ethminer 0.11.0RC1 (It is still in Alpha) performance of ethereum mining are been improved for NVidia GTX 1060 and GTX 1070.

GTX 1060

GTX 1070

With the improvement of miner, i get 31 Mh/s on GTX 1070 with a 120W consume at the wall, and 25Mh/s on GTX 1060 with 80W at the wall. Before this version i get 29 on GTX 1070 and 23 on 1060 with same consume.
For a rig of six or more GPU it is a very huge gain:

GTX 1060
Before new miner:
6x GTX 1060 23.2 Mh/s = 139.2 Mh/s
After new miner:
6x GTX 1060 25.0 Mh/s = 150 Mh/s
10 Mh/s more than previous version!

GTX 1070
Before new miner:
6x GTX 1070 29 Mh/s = 174 Mh/s
After new miner:
6x GTX 1070 31.0 Mh/s = 186 Mh/s
12 Mh/s more than previous version!

Following the link for download the new miner:
Windows .exe:

This is the command that i used to launch it on nicehash:
ethminer --cuda-devices 2 -U -S -O MYWALLET -SP 2 --cuda-parallel-hash 4

The cuda-devices parameter is for choose the gpu for the job, in my case "2" is 1060 gpu, while cuda-parallel-hash is a variable parameter that can be different for any gpu, you can try value 2 - 4 (Default) - 6 - 8 and choose the best for you.

I'll hope this can help you!
Have a nice mining!


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great post.
follow me as well,
marco :)


Thank you! I'll follow you :D

Dear Emanuel,

I wonder i only get 77 MH/s with 3 GTX 1070 cards after the new miner (before: 75 MH/s). Clearly im doing something wrong since i should get 89MH/s with the new miner. Are you using CUDA and did you overclock? I'm using stratum do you have more tips for me?


Hi @janzones,

I’m using cuda, i overclock with a 80% TDP on my 1070,
It is capable off 2088MHz (+150) on core clock, 4400 MHz (+600) on ram at 1062mV of Voltage. It is not extreme overclock and with a low tdp the card is under 60’ celsius. Try and let me know if it works for you!

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Thanks for the info on the miner. I will have to give it a try!

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