A Crypto Noobs Thoughts: Cautiously Optimistic About Crypto Right Now?

4년 전

I am surprised by the gains I'm seeing today. Could it be that the market is finally turning around?

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I just wanted to check in with everyone and see how you all are doing here on Steemit tonight! I have been busy working the last 10 days and unfortunately have let Steemit go by the wayside.

I guess it could also have to do with the crappy crypto market putting me in a sad Steemit mood. There is only so much a person can take before they start to think a little negatively about the whole thing.

I did see a really funny meme that I will share and maybe it will make you laugh too....

I do hold a pretty big bag of Tron that I bought at 2 cents. When my friends wanted to learn how to buy crypto in late December every single one of them told me they wanted to buy Tron and I warned against it, given how the price was skyrocketing. Of course most of them did end up buying Tron at ATH, but hey...at least they can't blame me for that one.

The last 3 months have been tough on all of us...even with me seeing green today I am extremely apprehensive that it will continue to last. I keep checking Coin Market Cap thinking that when I hit refresh everything will start crashing again.

The thing is though, I am a holder. I have set targets on all the cryptos I own and I will not sell below the target I set for each of them. It was very exciting to see the prices rising in December, but this correction and bear market will fortify my will to keep holding....however long it takes.

At some point I am hoping I will truly become desensitized to the ups and downs of the crypto market. I only know 1 person who has been in crypto for 4 years. He remains completely confident that it will all turn around soon and we will reach a 5 trillion dollar market cap. I think that after this bear market I'll start to think more like him.

So, how's everyone doing out there? Do you think that we coming out of the bull market? Do you have any funny crypto memes to share with me to make me laugh? I am always happy to read your comments. Have a good one and keep Steemin on! :D

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"At some point I am hoping I will truly become desensitized to the ups and downs of the crypto market."

The best way I have found to do this is to stop checking every day. Even if you don't, the sun comes up and the world still spins.


haha, yeah I am trying. I deleted blockfolio but I still find myself checking coin market cap at least 3 times a day.


Totally agree, in the past month I've maybe logged on to coinmarketcap 2-3 times max if that. I also have been staying away from reddit and blogs for the time being. I'm gonna just ignore hte markets until at least mid summer


Same, I am sitting on my investments for at least another 5 years so it doesn't matter what happened today!

I'm all in steem. I sold my tron and whatever else I had to buy steem when it was in the $3 to $6 range. I figured that it all goes as bitcoin goes so why not just have steem the I can earn on every day. I still cant tell what is happening in the markets but steem seemed really low for the last couple of weeks so maybe it is just correcting. I'm still bullish on it no matter what because like you I'm holding.


Yeah I am hoping there will be a point where they arent all following btc...


Totally agree, I used to have a pretty good feel for the markets, these days I'm totally perplexed

Did you buy Tron at 2 cents or 20 cents? I've been out of the not checking prices lately but just took a look and looks like its trading at 2 cents and some change. Are you averse to cashign out and just wanna sit on it? Otherwise I'd imagine you could get out even. I got in at about 2 cents, rode it up to 25 cents and then sold on the way back down at 17 cents. My buddy bought in at 17 cents and is holding a big bag right now


I bought it at 2 cents! I would be pissed if I bought it at 20 cents 😂


That's good, yeah 20 cents would be depressing. Been missing your content on here, hope to see you again soon.

Hi Emmy,
Sometimes offline or other online work just needs more attention. But please so not correlate Steemit with the cryptomarket. It is just so much more than that. Okay it runs on a blockchain but that should be, at least in our minds, the only related thing!
I can understand with your feelings are, because my portfolio is also deep in red! But I do guess that you did your own research, so you know the use cases of the coins tour holding.
I am even more happy that you nit only have a purchase plan but also a selling plan for each! I do have this too!
I do expect that we will see some more dead cat bounces before we lift off. No, we are not going to the moon, but we have booked our seat in ine of the new Space X rockets and will go directly to Mars!
I rather see my portfolio go bankrupt then selling my holdings to cheap at some whale laughing with my fear!
Keep the faith! And I told you before that it is better to have tried and failed than never have tried! (Which reminds me, how are the video tutorials going?)



Hey peter, sorry about my delayed response... I am still working on the tutorials which is why I haven’t been on steemit as much. I need to get back to posting here again! Let’s hope the market turns around soon :)


No problems Emmy.
The bulls are waiting behind the cornet, at least that is what I am telling myself!

Look for lows well below $6K, before we at the end of current bear cycle.

We're just hodling. Locked away, not looking, not caring. Investing in CC is a long term thing. If we looked everyday or every week we'd go crazy. So I'm not sure what's going on out there. I'll check in a few months.


I wish I could do that :) i check several times a day!


That's unhealthy. Nothing changes. I've taken the app from the front of my phone.

Yes I am in the same boat, but with a bunch of NANO, among others. I got my nano by doing captchas for 2 months straight, when it was .009 USD per coin. December it topped out almost $40 per coin, and I could have sold out for 2BTC BACK THEN($35000)

I have never sold, just HODLING, and it's only worth about $6 per coin now. I became numb to daily, even weekly fluctuating prices, for my own sanity, lol
Now I just consider all the major top 40 cryptos on sale, and have been trying to invest at least a little bit each payday.

Prices will soon go back up and we will all prosper like the ancients 🤔

Following you now🤠from Texas


Wow, thats awesome! I know that people are still optimistic about Nano. Im sure it will rebound! Its a good thing you earned it and didnt buy it on Bitgrail!

It's getting better. I do believe steem and SBD price will rise again as it did last time.

SMT and Hardfork 20 will definitely impact on price positively.
Just HODL. And Seem on :)

Ups and downs is the natural rule of everything so we don't need to worry about it.Crypto market is like a game also ,one day you may win and another day loss ,but we know that no risk no gain.