Earn $5 Dash Just for a Retweet

4년 전

Only one rule: your Twitter account must have been created BEFORE June 2017.

Campaign starts at time of video publication (12pm Eastern time on Wednesday, June 21) and ends exactly 24 hours later -- 12 pm Eastern on Thursday, June 22 (or 18:00 UTC).

How to enter:

  1. Paste your Dash address in your Twitter bio

  2. Retweet the tweet at the top of http://twitter.com/amandab_johnson

All qualifying retweets will be paid within ~6 hours of the campaign's deadline.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Another great promo by amanda b johnson and the DASH team. Last time I received $20 in DASH which is wonderful. I love how they are actively rewarding their user base while helping it to grow! Dash is a great crypto.

Resteemed to spread the love


agree.. hope next promo is retweeting again,. easy to participate ehehhe

A very nice way to get me into Da$h ;)
I used Da$h 0ne time to do a transfer and was trying to trade using Da$h via 'WhaleClub' but I had to have a certain amount(min) to trade with, so then converted back to BTC.
Due to this promotion, I will now enjoy holding on to some Da$h
Resteemed Thx


Steem is forming a compressed flag pendant on the dailies - I feel some kind of explosive trending is coming soon. The Sar dot looks like it might break to the downside?? What do you think??


Thanks, that was an easy $5

This will get my Dash bag started. Can't complain about a free $5.


who knows, that 5$ Dash will become a thousand dollar someday in your dash wallet :D

Hi, how can i make a dash wallet? Hope i can get one!


you can get dash wallet from Jaxx. Using your mobile, you can download Jaxx.


For PC
DASH Website


Thank you sir!


you are welcome.

So I only have coinbase as a wallet. What is best to use for dash! I wanna play! :D


If mobile, I think Jaxx Wallet was recommended by Ms. Amanda on her last video. Well, Im using Jaxx too.



Cool, thanks!

Hi, I just downloaded my dash wallet and I'm havind problems to open it... Anyway, I posted my dash address on my twitter


i hope that you followed the procedures correctly.

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Thank You Sweet

Very cool :) I hope who get it, this one is happy :)