Blogging For Pennies In The Crypto World Fantasy Or Reality - Enjoy with Troy!




So let me get this straight...

Steemit halved off with the break into Hyve, Steemit is centralized and Hive is decentralized.

Weku value is worthless. It does not register on any crypto coin exchange.

And Uptrennd has no wallet. When you level up you forfeit your value in exchange for the higher level. Cashing out or powering down is not an easy option.


Why cant we have a honest crypto blogging platform that has value and bloggers can truly profit... and earn money for their creative writng. It seems most bloggers are living in fantasy land. As for me, scams, centralization and no wallets does not fly.

But at least I can continue being a writer and perhaps will, as I am awake and strive to spread truth. But the truth be known, the only difference between this and Facebook, may be the wardrobe and lipstick she is wearing.

Be Blessed And Be Smart

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Why cant we have a honest crypto blogging platform that has value and bloggers can truly profit.

That's what HIVE is! I'm surprised that you haven't made a second post over there yet. Steem is completely destroyed and run by a disgusting new dictator and thief who has literally stolen millions of Steem away from some of our accounts.

You haven't given Hive a chance, Troy!


I would like to give it a chance Linda. I did not know if the post even took. Though I love to write I am illiterate about computers and the crypto jargon. I would like to try on Hive. I heed help to do this. .. meaning one on one phone help. Since March I have been in Toledo IA helping Mom through this virus. I have access to the internet to write on my laptop about twice a week. When I return to Davenport, I will have more access.

But I will need assistance in moving around and understanding the process of Hive . I guess in summary, It is not that I do not give it a chance... it is (1) lack of understanding to working on Hive. and 2) access to the internet. I miss you guys. I hope to reconnect. Blessings. PS: Do you have an email?


Yes, your post worked on HIVE.
The passwords and the layout are the same as Steem.
I hope that it isn't too hard for you to figure out once you are back home.

Take care of yourself.

  ·  작년

But now, for new hive accounts, passwords are now different. They can't use it on steemit and vice versa.