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Old Internet ideas often need to be revamped through innovation. It is the possibility of new changes that make the internet interesting. A new project idea that explores the blockchain 4.0 is out. Unlike the old internet practices, blockchain 4.0 has added value in transmission. In the past, a coin only had value in the industries. Blockchain 4.0 is a blessing because, at the moment, a coin price can go up through the use of various altcoins.

The Seele project idea is ideal because it reduces the amount of time a transaction takes. The fast transaction is made possible by the availability of numerous nodes. Transactions are safe because the possibility of committing crimes is reduced.

Neural Consensus Algorithm

The Neural Consensus Algorithm is the product that the Seele's ICO team is introducing to the world. Old blockchains like Bitcoin are being replaced because of their slowness when it comes to individuals agreeing on sale. The new blockchain 4.0 solves this problem by making the process of trade easier and faster than before. The added value transmission will ensure that the number of nodes matches the transaction speed.

The breakthrough will be evident if the nodes and transaction speeds are in the 1:1 ratio speed. 80k nodes matching a transaction speed of 80k is truly a wonder. The algorithm also ensures that a delay is identified and communicated within seconds. The blockchain 4.0 will ensure the possibility of business between numerous industries and domains. It is universal and transactions can take place anywhere in the world.

The Advantages of the Algorithm

The Algorithm is making strides in value addition. It is made up of numerous and different blockchains. Each blockchain is programmed to perform the same function or different services. The heterogeneous forest network is the reason why businesses can now enjoy dealing with a single business chain. A single business chain makes a transaction less complicated and thus faster.

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The forest network also makes a transaction safer, thus improving the value. The business world today is obsessed with speed and saving time which is delivered by blockchain 4.0. The good news is that the technology can expand to other fields like healthcare and energy. An intervention in other fields other than trading will help solve problems in those fields as well.

The team responsible for the Neural Consensus Algorithm

The Chief Scientist is Dr. Bi Wei whose love for sciences ensures that he has contributed greatly to the Blockchain Technology in China. The cryptocurrency department is run by Dr. Gong Hui, who ensures that the blockchain technological research operates smoothly. All businesses are associated with risks, Dr. Maolin Zheng ensures that risks are greatly reduced. Dr. Nick Smith is the captain of data analysis in medicine. Dr. Nick is helped by Dr. Fiona Glen who heads data analysis in Senior Health.

Other key players include big data platform architectures that build the technology. The team also has blockchain experts that are experienced in the identification of problems. The executive team is fifteen in number. The team is a composed of a wider range of skilled and experienced professionals from all over the world. Interested individuals are welcome to the membership with the passion of creating value internet. The developers, service providers and other players of the team have formed an ecosystem of creative developments and mutual benefit situations.

Value Addition in the Internet

The creation of more valuable internet ensures that transactions are safe. The fast speeds make the business a viable venture. The Algorithm research and the determination to expand to other fields besides business, promises a brighter future. The dedicated team of experts continues to improve the internet daily.

More information about the project can be found here:

BTT username: otreza
BTT profile link:;u=1023814

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