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Eligma, the new Slovenian crypto project, announces a revolution in the purchase and management of (personal) property.With Eligmo, a platform based on a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, it promises to help people get what they cannot buy - more time.


"I remember, as it were yesterday. Three years ago, we launched a project that changed our perception of the startup of the world, innovations, investors, accelerators, and culture. All that we wanted at that time was to bring more capital into the region and give the opportunity to talents, which they would never have received. Over the next three years, I see ABC as a big fund that will connect the world and bring major corporations, investors and other entrepreneurs into the region. However, I believe that it is time to leave this special project to the ABC team and begin to realize my greatest dreams; those who are scared and you have a lot of respect before them. "So a 30-year-old entrepreneur who linked the world with the ABC accelerator, and especially made a bridge between Silicon Valley and Ljubljana, revealed that he was leaving the ABC accelerator and gives way to a new path he dreamed of over the last decade.


Roljiฤ‡, who entered into the crypto-world with Viberate, revealed days ago on his facebook profile that he was obsessed with the idea that had grown into an enterprise in the last years and, as he believes, changed the way of the economy, our perception of the economy and our lives in general.

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"Dear friends, I go with everything I have in the next project. with all their knowledge, connections, experience and dream team. It is time for Eligmo, "is a project that will be launched on March 1, which is likely to be followed by public sales of ICO.

It is a step further in Slovenian projects based on blockchain technology. Eligma will connect artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, allowing the user to find the best deals for anything in his household. "Eligma will be a personal marketing agent who will provide you with the best deals for the product you need," Was the explanation of the team.


The added value of Eligma will be that it will keep a record of personal property using the blockchain technology and help the user manage the value of his property. On the platform, it will also be possible to load products that the user has bought elsewhere.''Have only what you need, and use it to the maximum''.

Then something sells or gives to someone else is a ''Logo'' of Eligma, which will reward users with the largest decentralized loyalty program, and with the help of advanced technology, give them what they can not buy - a time they would otherwise spend to find the best offers.



As promised in the team, Eligma will always provide the best offer of the sought-after product in terms of quality, price, warranty, availability and delivery. After the purchase, it will automatically save new property and keep track of its value, the validity of the warranty, and so on ... And it will even suggest when the product is optimum to sell.

Eligma Bot Will Be Like...


In addition, consumers will no longer need to register in any online store, as Eligma will serve as the key to all global online stores and markets where users can buy directly after Eligma. "The best part of this is that Eligma will implement the billing option with cryptocurrency, so it will no longer be necessary to wait for crypto-payment giant start-ups like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay," they are predicting in a team that develops a platform for scan offers to millions of online stores.


This Is Not Offical Cryptocoin Of Eligma. Just My Suggestion :)



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