The Buglab platform – providing cyber security using Ehtereum blockchain and security contest

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We are on the age of modern life where internet users are growing day by day. At the present time use of the internet is increasing for its use and advancement. Now the cryptocurrency and data management system are also increasing in the online digital ecosystem. Now individuals and companies are using the internet for their transaction of money and data transaction. But they are facing the problem of the cybersecurity. The companies and individuals are losing million and billion dollars every year for the lack of cybersecurity problem. The Bublab is a cybersecurity platform in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry.

The Buglab platform is a blockchain technology based cybersecurity platform which is enabling attainable, versatile as well as reliable penetration testing for digital enterprise solutions. This platform is offering a unique, competitive, incentivized and easy to use ecosystem for cybersecurity to address widespread as well as growing business need. This platform was built with the aim to help companies detect as well as remedy vulnerabilities on their various business application, online devices, website, mobile applications and smart contracts by transforming penetration test service. We can know more about this platform from their website which is open to the public. The website link of the Buglab platform is We also can visit the white paper of the platform to know their activities against the cybercrime.

The contest details of the Buglab platform:

The Buglab is a blockchain technology based cybersecurity in the online digital ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry. This platform is using blockchain to give cybersecurity for the people from all over the world. This platform is enabling customers on the contest of the platform to the mass of pentesters as well as chose a validated team from a known company. This platform is providing a contest for the individuals and public contest system. This platform’s contest feature is enabling a client signs up on the platform as well as provides information about itself. They also provide their products and services in detail. Then, the client subscribes to be completion contract by choosing platform’s rules by using a simple as well as user friendly interface. This platform is giving the opportunity to the client to customize the confidentiality of the competition as the type of management they want. This platform’s contest cost depends upon the selected plan as well as an optional bonus. This platform will be able to interact with customers to help them set up program parameters. This platform’s contest ecosystem is explained below:

Contest scoring: The Buglab platform’s contest feature is providing a contest scoring system where the community of this platform of pentesters that have registered with Buglab is notified upon the contest launch. This platform has international cybersecurity pentesters whose are analyze, test, and report back on the vulnerability of a solution directly on the Buglab platform. The role of the Buglab platform on the contest scoring is limited to vulnerability scoring and triage using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System 3 (CVSS3) when the contest concludes.

Vulnerability timestamp (VTS): This platform’s contest features Vulnerability Timestamp is depended on the outcomes of penetration test contests. This platform’s contest vulnerability timestamp will correspond to the exact moment when the vulnerability was reported. The vulnerability timestamp is important for the contest to set up a ranking system in order to be able to reward the best researchers according to their overall score and timing. This platform’s contest has no timestamp which can be fraudulently incorporated. When a timestamp published that cannot be modified. All the Timestamp of the contest is available to be read by all.

Fix Companion: This platform is giving fix companion feature where the Buglab platform will verify that the fix has been implemented at the enterprise level. When fix implemented at the enterprise level this platform will verify it as well as they will attempt to verify the vulnerability again. The Buglab platform’s team of analysts will update the fixed status accordingly in the platform when it confirmed as fixed. The contest joining company will be enabled to attempts five times to address the vulnerability issue. This platform is giving an opportunity for the companies where they do not need to wait until the end of the contest to implement a fix.

Money back guarantees: This platform will refund automatically to the customers using their smart contracts. The refund will occur if it turns out that this platforms customer’s systems are free of vulnerabilities at the end of the contest. This platform will refund to their customers by 90 percent of the cost of the contest and the remaining 10% will reserve for the Vigilante protocol. The website link of the Buglab platform is

Service levels: This platform has experts who will do the penetration tests for a fixed price. The Buglab platform is providing client managed feature for their user where the company can choose from three types of contest management to participate in the contests such as Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The three service levels highlights of the features are provided in the table below:

The token economy of the Buglab platform:

The Buglab platform is a tokenize cryptocurrency platform who has created own token with the smart contract of the blockchain technology. They created this token based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. This platform’s token detail is given below:

• The Buglab token symbol is BGL. This token is ERC20 standard utility token.
• This platform’s total token supply is 425, 000, 000 BGL tokens.
• This platform’s token sale allocation is 170, 000, 000 BGL token.
• The funding goal of the token sale is $ 20, 000, 000 US dollar.
• This platform’s public sale price is $ 0.15 US dollar.
• The token sale accepted currency is ETH (Ether)
• This platform will give a bonus of 25% in the pre-sale of tokens.

This platform will distribute all tokens to highlight various functions. This platform will distribute 40% of all the tokens for general token sale. The Vigilante protocol reserve will be distributed by 20% of the total tokens. The team of the Buglab platform will be distributed by 10% of the total tokens. This platform will distribute 10% of the total tokens for future product development. This platform will distribute 10% of the total tokens for the marketing program of the platform. The advisors of the platform will be distributed by 7% of the total tokens. The community campaign of this platform will be distributed by 2% of the total tokens. The website link of the Buglab platform is This platform will distribute 1% of total tokens for the Bublab transaction reserve. The token distribution process is explained by the below table:

In the end, I can say that the Buglab platform is a unique platform in the online digital ecosystem for our cybersecurity. We should join this platform and can become a beneficial and secure investment in the online ecosystem.

Important links of the Buglab platform is given below:

• Company Website:
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• Bitcointalk ANN Thread:
• Whitepaper Link:
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• Github Profile Link:
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• BitcoinTalk Profile Link:;u=1296290

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