IGNIS Airdrop More FREE money!

3년 전

NXT platform is going to be generating an airdrop for their first child chain called IGNIS. It will be on the 28th of December, block 1636363. Same date as the upcoming Segwit2x hardfork of Bitcoin.

I blogged about the Bitcoin's upcoming fork but I seem to have entered too early as we all know the markets dropped. With the NXT airdrop, I may have been too late as I bought in at a higher price considering the price two days ago was under US$1. It seem to have settled at US$1.80 but I think the next coming days will rise.

To receive the air drop you need to be holding NXT tokens. The ratio of the air drop will be 0.5 of your NXT holdings. So each 1 NXT coin you have, you will receive 0.5 of IGNIS. For those looking for extra bucks for their Christmas spending damages, maybe this can help out.

You can find the official air drop announcement here at Jelurida.

Buy the NXT token from these exchanges.

Store your NXT token from their own wallet for guaranteed sync at.

Or at these exchanges that will be supporting the IGNIS token.
Bittrex: https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003571832-Statement-on-Ignis-IGNIS-airdrop-to-Nxt-NXT-holders
AEX: https://www.aex.com/page/candy.html
HitBTC: https://blog.hitbtc.com/statement-on-the-upcoming-btc-hard-forks-and-ignis-airdrop/
Bitcoin Indonesia: https://blog.bitcoin.co.id/pengumuman-mengenai-airdrop-ignis/
Freewallet: https://freewallet.org
UPbit: https://upbit.com/service_center/notice?id=191
Stocks.Exchange: https://stocks.exchange

It's important that you hold your NXT tokens at an exchange or storage that will support the IGNIS token otherwise you won't benefit from the air drop.


This is not a financial advice. I will not take responsibility for any profits or losses you may incur. Invest at your own risk.

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This was posted 3 days ago... should have given me a nudge.... I am going to miss another ride heheheheh

When is the fork 28 december?


yes tomorrow... make sure you put in their wallet or an exchange that support Ignis.

I have so much to learn. Including to find a way to invest USD into crypto for the average joe. The bank application these days is a bit overwhelming.


I kinda thought about taking out a massive loan, but then I got smart. The saying goes, "Just invest what you can afford to lose."

I guess the bigger the risk the greater the reward. Gotta find balance and learn to control myself from taking out any from my piggy bank.


Take that loan, pay it back after fork.

If nxt drop after fork, it will recover in a short time I think.

Not a financial advice just thinking out loud heheheheh


Cheryl is trying to open her own account! But it won't let us both use the same phone number. So we're thinking about using delegated SP. It looks hard. You know a better idea? thx.

EDIT: I don't have enough SP to be able to delegate, I think. Any part of you wanna invite my wife? cheryl at ramsayphotography dot com. I'll pay you back. :)

Good jop friend




Ea you are welcome.
I have new my post