STEEM: Just a lazy +50% on a Sunday Night

4년 전

I've been MIA this weekend thanks to whatever messed up Chinese flu virus took hold of my body and fucked me up gooooood. I haven’t been proper sick like that in a while and I’m going to treat it as a bit of a wake up call to fix my diet up a little better again and not get lazy.

Well, I see that the crypto markets this weekend have been as healthy as ever, swinging around like the crazy mofos they are. I still have to check myself when I’m looking at charts trading normally on the weekend, but this is the new paradigm that crypto has brought markets into and if you want to be on the edge of where it’s at, then you have to be right fucking here.

For the currency traders on my @forexbrokr Twitter that read these Steemit blogs, the cryptosphere is where things are happening RIGHT NOW and I can’t stress enough that you want to be involved now before things even start to get going.

Let's get into it.


I honestly just love STEEM. Everything about it. The site, the concept, the logo (how good is the logo), everything!

And finally I can get around the direction that the price of STEEM is headed.

Yep, that was a 50% rip on a Sunday haha!

I just hope you have been and you still are accumulating STEEM here because while a +50% rip might sound huge on the surface, just take a look at price over the last year or so and see that right now, we’re not even close to anything resembling a high.

If you’re on Steemit then you probably believe in the potential of rewarding quality content creation with crypto, rather than letting the profits filter straight into Zuck or Google's pocket. You know the value that could be created here is UNREAL. Well now we're starting to see that backed up in price movement on the charts.

Let’s take a look at STEEM/BTC on the daily:

The last time we looked at STEEM/BTC, things weren’t looking too bright and to be fair, we’re still not actually above that level from just a few weeks ago.

But look at that beautiful previous resistance turned support retest that price ripped off (coinciding with the $1.00 USD mark pretty much). If we do in fact break this downtrend, faces are in line to get ripped the fuck off quicksmart.

What I want you to do here is to look on that STEEM/BTC chart from back in May and compare it to what we are seeing now at pretty much the exact same price. Does it look familiar?

Well for us STEEM bulls, let’s just hope that the outcome is the same!

Ah it's good to be back.


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Please leave a comment with your ideas or just share a chart.

Blogging about markets is all about sharing ideas and making us see all possible angles. I look forward to having you follow along and reading what you throw at me.

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Honestly, I was surprised that Steem dipped so low. But hey, it pretty much woke up from its nap and is back with vengeance. Haha. I even stopped a power down two days ago so that I can continue accumulating Steem Power. I'm putting more faith in Steem!



What made you power down in the first place then?


My reasoning for the power down was to transfer some Steem to Ethereum. Oh well. Just ended up buying ETH separately.



Well ETH is ripping today too, so can't complain either way! :)

Get better 🍯
Take a shot of some Vodka to kill the germs. And hot soup with casava, yam, potatos and carrots, fish or ox tail. That'l boost you up.


Ox tail? :O I'm intrigued... I have no idea if my butcher would even have this in Aus? What do I do with it if I can find some?


You make a soup.

The stock got healthy along with you....coincidence?



I'm going to probably have to say yes, just a coincidence :P

Hold back guys imma push this steem to 3$



Hey Jery,

I see your bio says you're a 3D modeler. Is this one of your own pieces? It's pretty damn cool!

I've given you a follow mate :)

Yes, it was good we bounced off that level. Been a minute since we held any levels. Still need to get out of that larger descending channel before I will tag things as bullish again. Fingers crossed.


It's gone nowhere but down since I clicked publish 45 minutes ago haha...



LOL, that is funny. It's gone no where but down the past month ;-) I did enough accumulation over the past year. I'm prob not adding to steem any time soon. It already is 90% of my crypto (mainly SP). Currently I'm focused on building my NEO position on pullbacks.

If steem will follow it last year trail which goes down at its lowest price, then that's a very good news we have a chance to buy more steem and power up. However, if steem will continue to fly and rocketing up to the moon, much better.

I love steem more compare to other crypto, it's concept to promote eqaulity and fairness in global level is rock!


We've been powering up for long enough. It's time for this baby to fly!


Yeah whatever you say @forexbrokr you are absolutely right.

Give them Steem, keep them keen 😉🕺👍


It's the foundation on which every good relationship should be built on :P

Thanks for sharing such information @forexbrokr ...Blessings


Such information?

Come onnnnnnnnnnn.