Scam Warning! Bitcoin phishing scam.

2년 전

is this a Russian phishing scam? source

So I got the strangest text around 10 PM last night, it came from an 40 digit number "@h":

SUBJ: (a ten digit number)
MSJ: You just received 2.2 BTC in your account, please confirm it: (coinbase)

DON'T Click on that link! Unless you are someone who is savvy about this sort of thing. I'm not so I didn't click on it. I don't actually have a coinbase account that I know of and I sure was not expecting 2.2 BTC. This is a scam right?

Has anyone else gotten such a text?
Are they targeting me because of my account? I did give them my phone number.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, let me know if this or something similar has happened to you or if you know what the heck is going on here in the comments. Please resteem to spread the word. I have gotten probably millions of scam emails but this is my first scam text, have you gotten one yet?

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Growing up, I never got anything for free unless someone tried to offer something for something...not free. Why do people fall for obvious scam shit like this?!!!


It was pretty tempting, if I actually had a coinbase account and had BTC coming and going I might have clicked on it.

  ·  2년 전

You can try searching the number online or just the web address in Google so you don't actually go to the website.

But yeah, if you're not expecting somebody to give you any BTC or don't have your address out there much, it's a scam. This is probably the equivalent of something in your spam email folder saying you have millions of dollars ready to be deposited into your account and they just need your personal info :).

Delete and move on. Even block the number in case it continues.

I get texts like that all the time. Not always Bitcoin related, but usually just things like:

"Here's that link I was telling you about," from an unknown number.

I got a call from someone the other day asking me if I wanted to make money investing in "the Bitcoin" (his words). This completely interested me. I ended up completely schooling him and making him hang up on me when I started asking him questions about blockchain and cryptocurrency that I knew he wouldn't be able to answer. He just wanted me to send him money to buy me Bitcoin I guess. I wonder how often that actually works on people.


"the Bitcoin" LOL can I get that at "the Walmart"?

All scam alerts are much appreciated, especially by this newbie crypto trader. Good post - keep it coming.

Thanks for the heads-up. I haven't gotten one like that, but I'm resteeming this post to reach my followers. They need to be warned too.


Thanks, it both tempted me and creeped me out. It would be pretty great if someone sent me 2.2 BTC but I knew it was too good to be true.

Thanks for sharing. It has really helped us to know and point is noted.

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