Huobi crypto exchange first meetup in Toronto.


Huobi is expanding in Canada and they are running quite a marketing campaign. The team is around 10 people as of August 2018. They are located in WeWork coworking space in Toronto. This video is just an impression (anthropological snapshot) of what the blockchain community of 2018 in Toronto looks like. Still early days of crypto, but much further than 2013 when I just learned about bitcoin.
A few companies introduced themselves at the meetup: - ICO consulting firm
Bitcoin Bay - a meetup in Toronto
Blockchain Tech Salon
Tal Braiman - Writer and Digital Nomad
Polymath - A security token platform, originally from Toronto and hiring
Contractland - decentralized exchange for multiple blockchains
MLG - service provider for blockchain companies (marketing)
Phaze - startup that allows you to spend your crypto on giftcards and then in stores
And Huobi was giving away crypto to new subscribers to their platform.

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super cool, i saw them at the Futuristic Blockchain Conference 2 weeks ago in Toronto, nice to see how things are moving along