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DOMAINRAIDER-as the name itself tells "domains that matters".
It is a team of 30 members who are currently working and working from a long ago for the domains.

The team reserves the newly domains as well as the dropped domains and sells them at the auctions.


All about the blockchains and domain names-

-At present, the world of domain names is still highly centralized due to CANN’s exclusive
control of the DNS root, and therefore of global domain name rules of governance.

-in the past, a few unsuccessful attempts have been made to create an open DNS, such as Open
NICI, but the next big development appears to be the decentralized ecosystem.

  • The number
    of initiatives in this regard has in fact multiplied recently.

Here are the most significant:

  • Namecoin is a derived from open source (fork) Bitcoin technology that uses, amongst other
    things, the addition of 2 new OP_CODEs
    which makes it possible to record and read information linked to domain names.

-Namecoin promises to increase the decentralization of DNS management,
and to improve
security, censorship and privacy.

-Unfortunately, Namecoin is not currently operational due to many reasons such as domain

-It is worth nothing that the Namecoin community has put forward a very simple
solution to a major problem, that is, the significant increase in the cost of domain name

  • This solution has not yet been implemented due to insufficient take up.
  • Blockstack is the first implementation of a decentralized DNS system on top of the Bitcoin

-This implementation combines DNS functionality with a key public infrastructure
and is primarily intended for use by new applications.

-Blockstack has been operational since September 2015 and currently manages over 70,000
domain names.

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS).
    Rather than sending ETH to a public key that is difficult
    to memorize, ENS sends to a jon.sno.eth. type address.

-The ENS initiative is without
doubt one of the most promising.

-Its May 2017 launch was a success with 150,000 names
attributed at auction using a deposit system that had already collected over 3 million ETH.

-ENS opens up a promising method for future developments that may give them the exact
same features as domain names.

-Further, they may already be used in this way within
navigators such as Mist, the Chrome Metamask plug-in orthe online wallet MyEtherWallet.

-Although ENS does not yet include a maintenance cost for each name held, this development
is in the pipeline.

  • It will lead to questions similar to those that have historically impacted the
    world of domain names, that is, concepts of life cycle, grade period and, lastly, drop catching.

-So you should connect with the domain raider for the best domains.

-All the domains are sold at the auctions.



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