Get a coin setup

2년 전

1st step Wallet:
here you can get a btc wallet address
this is a mining site and and also convert
they are giving free coin to:
this one is auto and free with options to increase income
hands free

Also I recommend displaying donations address as we are all trying to make money not print it example.
BTC public: 1KD1T72EvLjpnV167cnVfHqawW4W3sq1AP
coinpotbtc: 35vVSaK7FJiNi6w78piybKy1YD6eHijzgj
coinpotDoge: AEXYRnY3TJ3tNnRvYoTpHzdBHQkEe28ufw
LTC address: 3ANceyumctWTuTe3aC1UPWE8Y2c9EfiGZU

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