Should the Amish Get Involved with Cryptocurrency?

3년 전

Living in an area with a bunch of Amish sure has it's perks. I get to see and speak to many of them while just taking a walk downtown. Lately, a few of my "plain-living" friends have been talking about cryptocurrency. Basically what it comes down to is the Amish teens, as well as some Amish parents are becoming more and more interested in the technology themselves.

Amish these days still don't use electricity but in the town I live in, which has over 20k Amish people, just about every single one of them in their teens to mid 30's have a smartphone. They are well aware of the crypto market and they want in. But, many of them are scared that if they do, they will be shunned by other relatives in surrounding states. This just goes to prove that even people who make good money via agriculture are having a hard time meeting ends meet.

Do you think the Amish should get into trading cryptocurrency? I'm basically looking for suggestions so I can guide them in the right direction.

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They could only use paper wallets :)


Also....How do they charge their smartphones?


@tatta they usually have running electricity/or a generator in their family-run shops downtown. They're getting more modern as society progresses. Ya they still use horse and buggy but shit, some of them even have security alarms rigged to car batteries in their buggies. Those are generally the millennial teenagers though.