📈StatusNetwork Trend / 13-02-2018📈

3년 전


Potential Profit - 250%+
Increase since first post - 9% profit
Market Cap - $350M +
Rank - 46
Website - status.im
Trading Platform - Binance | Bittrex | Bitfinex

  • 9% increase since my last post.
  • This is an easy trade. As you can see, RSI and Stochastic looks bullish.
  • MACD sustains the uptrend.
  • EMA10 above EMA20 which confirms the up movement.


Keep in mind - Only trade with your money that you can afford to lose.
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Nice analysis @happychild
Status is one of my favorite tokens, idk if you have had a chance to play with their mobile app but it's quiet fun. Status bringing the Ethereum network to mobile phone is just mind blowing, but at the same time I tell myself "it's about time someone did it haha" Status definitely here in the next 10 years, and it's at such a huge steal now!


I've already have their app. It's in Alpha version but will be soon published.