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The Kizunacoin idea was born in the community in Internet bulletin board, 5ch. This is the biggest bulletin board in Japan a long time. So clearly this is kind of community token.

In August 2018, This coin is renewed as a DAG based token and aim for listing as well.

I saw White Paper (here) but at the moment the characteristics as a community coin are strong and the word bond is also coming from that point.

DAG based technology comes from Byteball. I do not know the changes from Byteball, but in the next chapter I will mention a bit about Byteball. The conditions of actual issuance are summarized in the White Paper as follows. Let's make some comments for a moment.

Supervisor - Shouichi Hatsuse (mori) KIZUNACOIN

Top Developers

  • Tyler dundon
  • Zealous wang
  • Sun doing
    And developer team


Coin ticker: KIZ
Algorithm: Directed acyclic graph
Maximum coin supply: 20,000,000,000
Distribution method: swap from Skein-algorithm-KIZ (old algorithm KIZUNACOIN)

-Skein-kiz pre-sale amount: About 4 billion
-Swap of airdrop maximum circulation

volume: About 700 million

GitHub Link:

About max 4.x billion circulation volume, When listing. Currently (AUG 2018), 1 billion circulation volume

Every month, max 40 million kiz, distribution volume sales by sales. Sales, from two and a half >months after the listing. 1 year, up to 480 million kiz increase.

Website URL:
Git Repository:

The total issue volume is 20 billion. This figure is the same issue amount as NANJ or YUKI that is Japanese token in recent. Since the initial distribution volume starts around 4 billions, It starts with a circulation amount of about 20% and releases 40 million pieces each month. It is about 480 million pieces a year.

NANJ and YUKI emphasize projects on actual demand and are doing activities, aiming to revitalize the currency. Now, I think this timing is full with release on DAG basis. Also, in Discord etc we are smelling the information to the major and we can see the fact that we put pressure preservation pressure on that point.

As I thought, Mori who is leader comment below on Discord shows that a company buys a high-performance token based on DAG in its entirety and that the real demand is a story that will bring to the existing or development of the company side I can hear.

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How to get coins

Unfortunately we can not get it at this time. Sales and air drops have ended. Discord occasionally makes air drops. but it is a few amounts.

Let's learn Byteball

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See also:

Byteball is based on DAG, among them one of the tokens that gained popularity as a technology lover. This token is also not a specific application rather than a platform-oriented offer. You can see the direction that they are offering to use Byteball to use in another project.

Even now, regular air drops are being carried out and I feel that the mechanism for keeping user's attention is working.

It has built-in functions such as anonymous trading and chat function that are effective, so we can expect it. I'd recommend reading it (

Not all of these functions can be used with Kizuna coin, but It shows potential of Kizuna coin.

In Byteball there is a node called witness and transaca tions are approved by Witness. In Byteball, the administrator of byteball currently has 12 nodes. but we can be set witness, technically.

In this regard I think that he took over the good part of Byteball.

There is something close to the declaration that the Exit of the project itself is considering selling to the company, so it is difficult to make judgments at the current WP etc. in the long term.

1, DAG base
2, The origin of a big community.
These backgrounds may makes big bump, when it is on the list of exchange. but please make deep consideration if you want to hold a longer time.I hope new Japanese origined DAG based coin success on future.

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