bitcoin from the beginning until now

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bitcoin is the first and most important electronic currency in the world is a virtual currency that is similar to paper currencies like dollar, euro, etc. but it differs from it in it electronic means its dealing on the Internet and has no real physical presence and cannot track the sales and purchases that Done or even knowing the owner of the coins
But what is the truth of bitcoin and when is it beginning and how can i get it and used? I'll answer you all these questions in this article.

why bitcoin?

After the evolution of the idea of money in human history. The beginning of the barter in the first era and then the beginning of the production of coins and then the idea of the golden cover which is a state version of money based on the amount of gold equal to the value of the money it prints

Then America began in 1971 to issue the dollar currency based on the power of the government and the strength of the American economy and not based on the amount of gold in the country
Until the dollar became the only strong currency in the world and the world continued to deal with the current financial system
And as every system has its flaws and one of the most important flaws of the current financial system:

  1. Full Control by the Government of money in terms of its issuance, the way it is handled and its system, and the people do not intervene in this matter
  2. The difficulty of transferring funds between individuals from one state to another, through many rules and conditions, until it is done.
  3. The Government is monitoring the money. and controlling their disbursement and arresting the sales and dealing based on the rules of the countries
    Based on this it began to think of the processes in which people have the right to control, issue and easily deal with them faster and hence the idea of the bitcoin

beginning of bitcoin

A person who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto presented an idea about bitcoin and blockchain for the first time in a research paper in 2008
He described it as an electronic monetary system that relied in financial dealings on the principle "Peer-to-Peer"It is a technical term that means direct interaction between a user and another without an intermediary
Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
bitcoin as Open source program The point is that anyone can take a copy of this program and make adjustments to it and create a new digital currency
Proponents say that the goal of this currency that was first traded in 2009 is to change the world economy in the same way that it changed Web publishing methods
And the character of Satshi became unknown untel In 2016, Australian businessman Craig Wright announced that he was Satoshi Nakamoto in advance with technical evidence, but his evidence was easily revealed.

Bitcoin Stages

bitcoin It's been a while since it started in a few stages. the first stage in


  • Satoshi Nakamoto is doing the first site and domain named


  • The first deal of bitcoin was between Satashi and Hal Fini and the amount is 100 btc
  • Advertise the creation of a new site and publish the first version of the program p2pfoundation
  • posted The first price was between bitcoin and the dollar and it was 1 bitcoin in the amount of 0.001 dollars


  • The first purchase was made by bitcoin the purchase of a "pizza" in the order of 10,000 bitcoin favor of "Laszolo Hanyecz"
  • Create a trade card exchange platform that later became the largest Exchange site


  • bitcoin is equal to the price of the dollar and the euro in the first half of the year
  • After the media's interest bitcoin and talking about it, the bitcoin reached the price of 31 dollars.


  • An organization was created to unify the ' Bitcoin Foundation '
    Bitcoin Foundation
  • The European Central Bank published a detailed report on the virtual currencies
  • WordPress accepts Bitcoin as payment currency for its services
    WordPress accepts Bitcoin
  • A mining division equivalent of between 25-50 bitcoin


  • bitcoin More than a thousand dollars in the United States.
  • Sudden rise of BTC and central banks in China, France, Europe Mauritius and India are concerned
  • Microsoft allowed to trade the use of bitcoin through its applications
    Microsoft accept bitcoin


  • The Overstock company becomes the largest company to accept bitcoin in the retail network.
    Overstock accept bitcoin
  • University of Cambridge in England accept payment tuition fees by Bitcoin
    *TigerDirect is Accepting Bitcoin As Payment
    TigerDirect is Accepting Bitcoin
  • The central bank of the Soviet Union issued a warning against the beformations.
  • Closing the MtGox, the oldest business exchange platform bitcoin
    Closing the MtGox
  • The historic platform, vircurex, has suspended its operations.
    vircurex suspended its operations
  • The French monopoly stores are announcing their move to accept bitcoin, a retail store group located in France and a few other countries.
    monopoly accept bitcoin


  • In January 2015, Coinbase raised its funding to 75 million US dollars, breaking the previous record of the Bitcoin company.
    Coinbase raised its funding to 75 million US dollars
  • Bitstamp, one of the largest exchanges for trading the digital bitcoin currency, said it has suspended its service after a security breach on Sunday, resulting in loss of around 19,000 bitcoins.
    Bitstamp suspended it service
  • The exchange remained stalled for several days amid speculation that the customers had lost their money, which led to a reduction in the price of the bitcoin from $300 to $200.
  • Bitstamp resumed trading on Jan. 9 after increasing security and ensuring customers that their account balances will not be affected
  • Thousands of sites have been opened for the collection and mining of bitcoin



  • Japan has passed a law to accept bitcoin of a legal payment method
  • Russia has announced that it will legalize the use of a currency like Bitcoin.
    Russia will legal currency like bitcoin
    russia and japan accept bitcoin

    Now my friends think the article is getting too long. So in the next article I will continue to explain bitcoin.. How can you get it, how you can buy and sell it and many other things
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