Start earning from airdrop"3"...ابدأ الربح من الايردروب

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It is a constant fact that you can succeed quickly and in the best way when you help others succeed. - Napoleon Hill

In the previous articles I wrote about airdrop and the steps you have to make until you start working on airdrop. here
Start earning from airdrop...ابدأ الربح من الايردروب
In article 2, I explained some of the strong airdrops... And the registration steps.. here
Start earning from airdrop"2"...ابدأ الربح من الايردروب
now i will talk about another very very strong airdrops ...let's start.

بالنسبه لأخوانى العرب يمكنك الاستعانه بهذا الموقع فى ترجمة المقال وفهمه

It's the best currency and it has an ebook you can buy from it in this currency and you can pay for banks and a lot of things you can see in the currency brochure :
Also a good thing is that you can profit when you invite your friends to sign up for your link and you can also profit again when your friends invite their friends to sign up for their links
this is one of the most important features of this currency for other currencies.
registration steps:

  • go to araw
    and write your email and your (eth) wallet "If you don't have one you can go to the first lesson to learn how to create an account:Start earning from airdrop...ابدأ الربح من الايردروب"
    then click"continue"
  • write your first and last name, your telegram account then join the group on telegram
    and select your country then click "continue"
  • write your twitter id, follow @araw token on twitter then click "get 500 araw tokens "
    congratulation now you have 500 coins of arawtokens and when you refer friends you will get 250 ARAW Tokens on each successful referrals.
    also you will receive additional 100 ARAW Tokens for each verified references your FRIENDS refer
    A very powerful currency that has a strong project and also has a multitude of other airdrops where you can replace the currency with a lot of strong currencies and you can also pull them out, "You'll have to wait a while after you ask pull a coin."
    registration steps:
  • go to octobit and click "open account"
  • Type this data and then click "sign up"
    Congratulations now you have 25 you have to complete the important steps until you have 425 coins.
  • Go to the email you registered and press the activation message until you get 100 more coins.
  • last and most important step you must write your
    1- phone number and get 50 coins
    2- your telegram account and get 50 coins
    3- the name you want in the chat rooms and get 50 coins
    4- your Bitcoin forum account and write the signature and get 50 coins
    5- link your Twitter email and get 50 coins
    6- link your Facebook email and get 50 coins
    If you complete all the steps now you have 425 coins you must now invite more of your friends and you will get 40% of the coins for each currency they earn.

    Also from strong currencies and has a future and its idea is simple and very beautiful
    All you have to do is sign up and sign in every day so you get a lot of coins and lots of profit opportunities
    registration steps:
  • go to click "sign up" and type your email, phone number, password, and press "Register"
  • write your email and click "get captcha " then go to your email to get code and type it then click "submit"
  • last and most important step you should sign in every day until you get coins and double your chance to win iPhone x or a bitcoin or Eth or more gift coin.
    In the next article, I'll talk about more powerful coins.

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