Easiest Ways to Earn Crypto

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The other day I made a video that showed how you can earn some extra crypto by using Steemit and LBRY.
Those platforms are certainly more appropriate for people who have a knack for writing, taking photos or creating videos.

Granted, not everyone was blessed with those skills, so here are some much more passive ways you can earn crypto currency.


ARK is a project that deserves a more in-depth look than what I’ll be providing today and I will be giving it better coverage in the near future, but for now let’s focus on how you can use this platform to passively earn some crypto.

ARK uses Delegated Proof of Stake consensus.

This means those who work to secure the network and get rewarded for it need to be voted in. These delegates reward those who vote for them by giving them payouts of the ARK coin. These payout schedules and amounts will vary depending on that delegate’s proposal and how many coins you hold in the address that you’ve voted with.
With this one it’s pretty easy.

You do need to purchase the ARK coin.

You can do this with exchanges like Bittrex, Binance and Cryptopia.

You’ll then need to download the desktop client wallet.

Once you’ve deposited your ARK into this wallet you are able to place a vote.
Keep in mind that each address you have on this desktop wallet is able to vote for one delegate, so if you want to vote for multiple delegates you’ll need to be holding ark in multiple addresses on the wallet.
I’ve provided links down below that show you how to download the correct wallet, how to find the delegates and their proposals, and how exactly to cast your vote.
Again, there’s much more to say about this voting system, how it works and also of course the Ark project itself.
I will be going more in depth on this one in the future so keep an eye out for that one.

Now I want to show you an even easier way to earn crypto by just holding the right coins in the right wallet.


They offer what are called SmartRewards. It is very similar to a masternode in that they reward you for longterm storage of their coins, but the set up for this one is incredibly simple.

All you need to do is download their wallet, it’s available for Mac, Linnux and Windows.

You can purchase Smartcash on exchanges like: Cryptopia, CoinExchange and HitBTC.
In order to receive the SmartRewards you’ll need to store at least 1000 SMART, at this point in time that will cost about $170.

The payouts of the SmartRewards occur once a month.

If you wish to receive these rewards you’ll need to get your coins into this wallet before the 25th of the month and hold them there for 30 days. If you transfer your funds after the 25th you’ll have to wait about 60 days to receive the payout. Also if you take any funds out of this wallet, even if the balance is still 1000 coins or more, you’ll be ineligible to receive rewards for that month. If you add funds to the wallet you’ll still receive your rewards, but the new balance won’t affect the amount of rewards you receive until the following month.

You don’t need to have this wallet running to receive your rewards either, once you open the wallet and it syncs to the blockchain you’ll see your payouts show up.
The rewards come from the 15% allocation of the block rewards and are distributed among all addresses that qualify for the rewards and are proportional to how many coins are held in the wallet.


This one is probably the easiest way to accrue crypto.

There is no minimum amount required and you’re free to withdraw from this wallet and still receive a payout as long as there is a balance of NEO in the wallet.
You can purchase NEO from Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, CoinEgg and a long list of other exchanges.
From there you’ll need to download their NEON wallet. Once you transfer your coins, no matter the amount, you’ll begin receiving payouts in the form of their GAS token. These payouts are proportional to the amount of NEO you’re holding in the wallet, and like SmartCash, you don’t need this wallet open and running to receive these payouts.

I know that I’ve just begun to scratch the surface for these coins and there’s plenty more to learn about them, but now that you’ve gotten a heads up, go ahead and do your own research to decide if they’ll work for you.

Next up on my list for this video series will be masternodes so keep an eye out for that one coming in the next few days.

Additional Reading/Sources:

Ark Website
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Directions on How to Vote for ARK delegate
ARK Delegates and Proposals

SmartCash Website
SmartRewards Explained
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NEO Website
CityofZion for NEO (For Wallets and More)

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Looking into this right now as I have some spare time! I was accidentally holding some NEO so I installed the NEON Wallet right away. Everything seems pretty straight forward and I am looking forward how it goes :)

As for ARK, I also accidentally bought some the last couple of days and am just looking into the whole voting system and what not. It's quite interesting and I am trying to read up on a lot but not quite sure what makes a good delegate. Looks like it doesn't really matter much..?

Thanks for sharing though! Looking forward to earning easy, hehe.


Hopefully your accidental crypto buys turn out to be great choices! :)
I'm also not sure really what qualifies as a "good delegate" to vote for other than finding one that pays well. Good luck diving deeper into that one, Cheers to making life even easier!


I hope so too! Never heard of these ways before, so I am already grateful for the enitre 0.000-something GAS I've earned so far :')

Looking forward to any of your future ARK posts!

Happy new year!

Awesome 👏 thanks for the info I'm gunna do some research now :)

Didn't know those things on Ark and SmartCash .. will have to try them out!


DIdn't Know about Ark too,but SmartCash has been really great,already received the rewards in 2 or 3 months,and the community is really nice. :)

Very useful information, thanks for sharing

Here are a few other methods to gain some crypto on the side for anyone interested.

No investment needed methods:
-EarnCrypto: Earn the crypto of your choice (67 to choose from with more being added over time) by running videos with ads in the background.

Earn Free Crypto For Running Videos With Ads In The Background! 3 Days Left For The +30% Bonus on AdWall Videos (Bonus Ends Dec 25th)

-Storjshare: Rent out your extra hard drive space for monthly payments in Storj tokens.

How To Rent Out Your Extra Hard Drive Space For Money Using STORJSHARE In 3 Easy Steps

-Browser Mining: Mine cryptos directly through your browser in the background.

How To Start CPU Mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin Using Your Browser Within Seconds!

Sidenote: All 3 of these methods can be done at the same time on the same device, and can also be done on multiple devices (computer, laptop, cellphone) at once if you want.

Investment needed methods:
OMG: OmiseGo will be adding staking to their coin in July 2018 (so a bit down the line but this will become available in the somewhat near future)


The EarnCrypto platform firstly only gives you Litecoin, and secondly, gives you such a miserable amount of points for every action, that are then converted in an even lower amount of Litecoin (like 0.00033 per 1 point or so). Finally, most videos that you'll load are lagged, take time to load, and don't always count...

I'd honestly rather make money here on Steemit than there


First off you can choose the coin you want as a reward (again it has 67 active cryptos, you just obviously don't know how to change your main coin). Second I personally get ~$5/day for 1 computer which is far more then I get from staking my NEO or GPU mining (and if you farm a crypto you know will 10x in value next year that $5/day will become $50/day once the price rises to your expected value). Lastly the videos load fine in Chrome, and you get paid every 3 ads not every 1 ad (so again your impatience is mostly based on not fully understanding how the platform works).

But yes overall I agree Steemit can make far more profit then all the rest (but again you can run EarnCrypto, Coinpot and Storj in the background WHILE using Steemit, so I really don't see where the negative is).


Incredibly bullish on NEO. Dubbing it the "Ethereum" of China is appropriate, but I also feel that label underestimates its full potential.

NEO has an extensive pipeline of ICO's in the works, it's structured in a bit more of a centralized manner – which is actually advantageous considering they are operating within the Communist Party's domain in China – and the amount of developers working on NEO's platform is growing very rapidly.

At the end of the day, whichever platforms have the most activity (development) are the most valuable and the market will price this reality in rather quickly. The fact that NEO holders can garner GAS tokens by staking their tokens is just icing on the cake.

Not as bullish on Smartcash, but it does offer an interesting speculation and masternodes are amongst the cheapest. A "smart" speculative play with what seem to be a passionate support base, including some of my friends who are working to convince me!

Greaat tips, but ARK,NEO and SMART cash, what would be future impact of these? I totally get how STORJ,GOLEM,STEEM,ETHERERUM,EOS all create tokens and rewards the users/minors. But what is the value added by holding this token for the "company" Some of them doesnt make sense

Tomorrow is the date that starts the SmartRewards, boys, it's time to buy now. SmartCash is a great community, and has a lot to offer everyone.

Thank you for the information. I had never heard of any of these before.

Pretty new ways presented that i didn't yet know about them. And this is a starting point to learn and educate more about the presented programs. While something still bugs me about these passive incomes is how come they are will to give so big rewards (like 15%) just for storing the coins in your wallet. It seems quite big too me, but probably there is a risk associated with this as well.
Nice post, thanks for sharing these new options on crypto investments!

One thing you forgot to include in your NEO section is the fact that you need to send FULL NUMBERS of NEO to the NEON wallet. Sending fractions of a full NEO (such as .5 or .0999) does not work, so make sure to send only full digits (1, 5, 8...) when sending your NEO to the NEON wallet.


Yes, an easy way to do this is to be sure to include the transaction fee into the amount you want to send so it comes out even. Thanks for the reminder.

Thank You @heiditravels giving such a wonderful information and I always follow your posts.

Lots of love . amazingly delightful knowledge about crypto currency earning #well done

Thank you for these very helpful crypto tips. I have started collecting gas from my neo coins. Please can you do a video on Ark? I have downloaded the Ark wallet but am undecided whether it would be a good investment.

Thanks for providing this information

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Very good information. Its really useful post.thanks for sharing us.resteem post.

Thank you for keeping the community informed, as always... Especially in terms of earning potential!...

Good article. Currently, new sites are emerging where cryptomoney can be won in many ways. https://bycryp.com/free-coins/ and cointiply are good examples.

Thank you! Helpful as always!

Thanks, those are some great tips for passive income. Is there some connection between NEO and GAS tokens? Like, can they be directly converted or something?

Thank you for another helpful post!

Staking coins seem like a safer way to earn passive income than cloud mining and certainly safer than lending platforms.

I love your crypto reviews, very helpful and jam packed full of beneficial information for users like me. The ARK project really caught my eye, definitely going to check this out as I love the ARK coin and the technology and team backing it. Thanks @heiditravels !!

Valuable information! Your videos are always great, thank you. I especially like NEO, btw.

  ·  3년 전

I hold a little bit of ARK and didn't even know that

Crypto newbie here and this was really great stuff. Added ARK to my research list so thank you! There is real opportunity in crypto right now that is for sure.

sounds like its time I try some of these :)

Thank you for the info about ARK. Last month I got so far as to buy some, install the wallet, and transfer to it. Then I got confused on what to do next and just moved on to something else.

It would be very difficult to learn about cryptocurrency.

This is helpful. In your previous posts, I learnt a lot too! Going to start implementing what I've learnt over the next week or two! Thanks for writing stuff like this

Nice, didn't knew about this. Thanks for sharing

Nice. Thanks for sharing this. I am a photographer just new to steemit. Will check out LBRY also.

Thank you for sharing these tips with us ^.^

Thanks for this series on earning crypto'.

Being a carer for an elderly parent my employment options are restricted at present, so I am searching for a means of supplementary income, earning a few cryptocoins appears to be a feasible option. I purchased my first cryptocoins only recently, July 2017, with much still to learn this series has given me a head start into where to investigate further.

I am thinking though it would be useful to run some of these options or others, if possible, on dedicated a Raspberry Pi, or several if funds allow.

Thanks Heidi.

Waves platform POS?

Seems like NEO wins.. great info thanks Heidi!


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  ·  3년 전

Thanks for the info, great tips and compilation of the cryptocurrency ecosistem. I have been a big steemit and a curious LBRY user. I wish I could learn more about LBRY in the future.

Well as far as my knowledge i usually love to play ICO's instead of buying currency in higher rate.
Well recently i buy some useful coins in PRE-SALE in very cheap price and hoping to get ROI with 10x when that COiN will launch :)
BTW this CrytoCurrency is LIFE changing for people who play smart :)
Will post a Blog about ICO soon.

@heiditravels, I am infatuated with you and your content. We need to connect. I wish to work with you at the least. I can create your video thumbnails perhaps. You can contact me here, or just visit my website (thr3eye.com). I look forward to hearing from you. - @daltono

  ·  3년 전

She's informative and good looking. I'm loving Steemit more and more everyday.

  ·  3년 전

Nice work lately giving options to people to earn some income passively. I will check smartcash didn't know it. Thanks for the tip.

Warning readers do not use hitbtc to buy SMARTS. The platform currently does not allow withdraws. I am not sure about deposits but bottom line if you want to buy SMARTS stay away from hitbtc for now. Thanks.

hope NEO will go to where it belongs to in the next year and thats definitely the Top 10!

I dont know if you read this, but I want to say thank u for vote my post about photography i appreciate a looooot!


Sorry for the the mistake on English, I just talk Spanish.

The Neo route is best IMO. Free crypto just for holding a different crypto. Not 100% sure of the mechanics behind it but it's akin to earning interest on money in a bank. Survey/Ad watches are dumb uses of your time. Better off building your Steem account or working a job that pays fiat. Haven't tried Ark yet but am interested to see how it works.

Merry Christmas
I wish you happiness.

Today, I posted my 1st Steemit post and this is my first comment! I wanted to let you know that I created an account after watching your videos about how easy Steemit is and how successful it has been for you. I especially liked your interview with The Anarchast. Thanks for the tip on this and your Crypto commentary on Twitter. I will keep you posted on how my Steemit journey goes!

  ·  3년 전

Hi @heiditravels! This is a great informative post! I've just started learning about crypto and all the potential that it has when I started using steemit 3 days ago! I was introduced to steem, steemit and its great community from a client and I became really curious what this is all about. In short, I am amazed about the crypto world and my fear of the unknow is starting to vanish ;)
By the way, I was reffered to you by a nice fellow steemian @melbookermusic. I am sure I will learn a lot by following you. Keep up your excellent work!

Thank you very much for this information.

I have been earning some musicoin from my music and have now got 2 NEOs sitting in the wallet earning me GAS!

It's quite addictive watching the GAS increase! :-)

This is like mining for crypto without having to buy all that equipment. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing this information!

I would also look into Crowdholding. They are a co-creation platform. You log in for free, respond to tasks with feedback and receive cryptocurrencies such as (SmartCash, DeepOnion and many others.


Great info a lot of them I didn’t know to earn crypto.

Komodo and Bitcore are pretty awesome too.

These are great suggestions! I've been the most successful here on Steemit and LBRY :)

SOLA is another good suggestion for earning easy tokens!


If you don't know yet Tron has 3.33% and 5% daily ROI contact DAPPS . Many are making a killing. if you hold some Tron that just sits there - Making it Grow and multiply might be a better option? So a daily 3.33% would sound too shitty ?? Or maybe the 5% has your attention ? 2 Top Projects would be : Bankroll : https://bankroll.network/?ref=TYFJGFS4tkrbnLaL1cS95yLRgAfKyPP2VG and TronDark : https://trondark.com?masternode=TYFJGFS4tkrbnLaL1cS95yLRgAfKyPP2VG ENJOY the Divvs to the Mooon :D

Excellent article you got here.
Just leaving this here for you folks to check out.
You can also earn crypto via the CoinCircle website: